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Web ImpNames of Recipients:
Mr. Wilson Tan
Mr. Khairul Anwar Hassim

With its rapid and continuous advancement, most of the companies in Singapore rely greatly on various technologies in making themselves more accessible to their clients. With websites and mobile applications becoming more and more commonplace, it is no wonder companies seek out the help of professional tech developers to help present their best front to the public.

Established in January 2014, Web Imp Pte Ltd is a technology solutions company that is committed to build comprehensive, custom web solutions for their clients. Besides building pixel perfect websites and applications, Web Imp also specializes in cloud and mobile applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-commerce, web hosting, and more. With their impressive track record since their establishment, Web Imp has clients ranging from small-medium enterprises to bigger establishments. They have also been accredited as both a Google Partner and Webnic Premier Partner.

For founders Khairul and Wilson, it all began as a small, work-from-home business that grew into much more. Recognizing the potential and demand in the IT industry, Wilson was on the lookout for a quality developer to create a brand in the technology world together. Knowing he was looking for someone, Wilson’s friend introduced Khairul to him.

Interestingly, it was not the first time Khairul’s and Wilson’s paths crossed. He said, “I was in sales for five to six years, doing multi-level marketing in LFI Singapore. When I met Khairul through a mutual friend’s recommendation, I realized that we had worked in the same company before, in LFI, but we did not know each other well. We decided to establish something together, and the rest is history.”

With only $1500 as their starting capital, which was used to register the company with ACRA, the initial establishment period was indeed a humble one for Web Imp. With no permanent office, the company began as a home-based one; with Khairul and Wilson meeting only once or twice a week to discuss any business related matters. The rest of the time, the founders worked separately, with Khairul on the tech-based matters, and Wilson on sales.

However, it all changed when Web Imp managed to clinch deals with two major clients. With the additional funds, Web Imp grew into much more. Wilson said, “On May 1st, 2014, we moved into our current office, our first office space, which was one of our proudest achievements. In the last six months of 2014, we also brought in our first and second employee, and even rented the adjacent office space.

Although Web Imp has amassed quite a number of successes in the year since they were founded, these successes were not simply due to chance or luck, but were achieved through hard work and technical expertise. Wilson said, “We pride ourselves on our quality of service. For example, we are able to link our POS (Point of Sale) technology to the mobile app, creating a link, a seamless synchronization and integration for our clients.”

“We also place a lot of emphasis on our customer service. While some people may have had stories where their web developer disappear after they did their websites, our customers can find us quite easily.”

Now armed with a year of entrepreneurial experience, both Khairul and Wilson have learnt much of what it means to be an entrepreneur. For Khairul, self-belief is a priority. “You must have the vision, and you must believe in yourself. With that, you will find the right people to accomplish things with you. I find that it is totally opposite from what you actually learn in schools.”

For Wilson, self-discipline is of paramount. “An entrepreneur should never give up, and they should have self-discipline. They also must learn how to weight the different choices they are presented with, and deal with the consequences that happen as a result.”

Having achieved quite an amount of success in a short period of time, the founders share with us what is down the line for Web Imp. Wilson said, “We will be expanding our product/service range, starting with the POS system we have developed. We also intend to open three subsidiary businesses, not in the tech field, but they will be related to our core business. Of course, if funds allow, we also hope to buy our own office instead of renting.

With their open culture, unbridled enthusiasm, passion, and work-ethic, it is no wonder that Web Imp has taken the competitive tech industry by storm. Under the leadership of Khairul and Wilson, and alongside their dedicated team, Web Imp looks poised to emerge as one of the future leaders in the booming IT industry.

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1 Yishun Industrial Street 1
A’Posh Bizhub #03-30 S(768160)
T| 6334 6659
E| wazzup@webimp.com.sg




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