Artisan Furnishing Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. James Ong

To many, the kitchen is the heart of a home. An unfurnished, unequipped kitchen is the sign of a wasted life. Initiated in 2000, Artisan Furnishing proffers aid in fabricating dream kitchens, by working hand in hand with homeowners, architects and professional consultants to derive at a harmonious look with regards to the theme requested, through the selection of superlative quality kitchens, imported from the European countries, such as Zekyo from the Black Forest, and Toncelli from the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

The brainchild behind Artisan Furnishing is Mr James Ong. Mr Ong revealed the reason he started Artisan Furnishing: “My prior company was at the verge of breaking, it was fraught with many problems. Firstly, the market was down, and it was not able to deliver and uphold promises. The supplies also stopped, it left many angry and disappointed customers. Many staffs also left.” Mr Ong added: “That was when I knew it’s time to look for greener pastures. I started working at home, and after a few years, I started to form a company.” The aforementioned company is none other than Artisan Furnishing, to Mr Ong, a place when he can display his flair in communications and the ability to share his knowledge and creativity.

Mr Ong described how Artisan Furnishing materialized as the world enters the 21st century in year 2000: “When we first started, it was difficult as we have to start from an absolute scratch. We have to start a showroom and supplies and we were unsure about the future.” Mr Ong continued: “Despite so, we were lucky as our networks were supportive. They had helped us in the aspects of raw material hardware, finishing materials, appliances display, workshop and carpenter, right down to computer software and system. Our first few clients were great and very supportive. This gave us more confidence to do well.” Things were not always romantic in commencing a business. “The challenge for us was to get the right people and be able to get their understanding on the company’s direction. Not only that, we would also like these people to share and learn what is coming up ahead.” Mr Ong explicated.

Having gone through so much, a minor setback was not substantial to throw Mr Ong off balance. “We focused on learning the ropes of the design market. We also look at the changes in the new environment, and adapted to it, to serve the customers better.” Mr Ong illustrated how Artisan Furnishing managed to clear this stumbling block. What Artisan Furnishing offers is idiosyncrasy, the ability for you to be different from the pack. With a myriad of brands and collections, which are radical in the market, every single brand, range or manufacturers have their own unique and selling point. Customers are spoilt for choices with such an expansive gamut of products.

Mr Ong also disclosed the goal acquired by initiating Artisan Furnishing: “For me, Artisan Furnishing is a company set up to set a benchmark in the market. It is a place to share, and to keep up with the industry. It’s all spiritual.” Mr Ong added: “My family, and my wife have been giving me the full support I needed and in what I do. Without them, success for Artisan Furnishing isn’t possible.” Mr Ong shown his fervent gratitude for his family. Mr Ong also defined what entrepreneurship meant to him: “To me, entrepreneurship is all about being a believer in you. To be able to share, create, plan and do your best.”

So how did Artisan Furnishing procured the much-coveted success then? “If you want to succeed, you must be hardworking, as there’s isn’t any shortcut to success. So, always be ready to work hard.” an illustrious Mr Ong divulged. “The industry has been changing radically over the years. At this point of time, having connections is one of the key to success as well.” Mr Ong added.

“Education is very important, as we know, every now and then we all are exposed to new designs, concepts, ideas and technology. We need to be ready to keep up with all these advancements. These are things, which we need to explain and educate the people. We must also know how to apply them as well.” Mr Ong gave his staunched outlook on the pertinence of education upon an entrepreneurship. “Be you, and just do it” Mr Ong said briefly.

Starting out at Bukit Timah in year 2000, today, Artisan Furnishing stands at 71 Kim Yan Road. A move made to commemorate the company’s tenth year anniversary. The future which lies ahead of Artisan Furnishing shall be a scintillating one, as its magnificent leader already has expansion plans in mind for the company. “We have a very positive view on this industry, as the design industry is always revolutionizing, updating, and making progress in terms of the technology. New materials and new finishing methods are found. I feel the market is big and there is a long path ahead of us.” Mr Ong shared. “We are planning to have a manufacturing facility and create our very own product lines, putting them into both the local and international market.”

Mr Ong’s supreme leadership shall propel Artisan Furnishing to new heights for infinity.

Contact Details:
71 Kim Yam Road S(239369)
T| 6733 9060
F| 6733 3482


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