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Ms. Lim Miao Ting
Mr. Kelvin Lim

In the modern society, everything requires electricity to function. Whether they are the basic necessities like lighting, or whether you need to power up your computer for business or leisure, without electricity all operations will cease to function. For those looking for professional, experienced, and reliable electrical services, they should look no further than Yong Li Electrical Engineering Service.

Established in 2013 by Lim Miao Ting and Kelvin Lim, Yong Li Electrical Engineering Services offers a wide suite of electrical services for both commercial and residential clients. Priding themselves as electrical specialists, Yong Li’s services include cable television points, servicing of water heaters, electrical re-wiring and installation, electrical design works, supplying of lighting and electrical accessories, and any other related electrical works.

Neither of the founders are new to the construction industry. Miao Ting previously worked as a Director’s Personal Assistant in a construction company, where she first encountered Kelvin, who already had six years of experience in electrical works. For Kelvin, who started a business that went under after some years, Miao Ting’s suggestion that they partner up for a new venture was what gave birth to the idea of Yong Li Electrical.

Being a new company in the construction industry, it took a while for Yong Li Electrical to find their footing in their industry. As they do not have the various certifications as well as the money required for tendering for big projects and hiring workers, Miao Ting and Kelvin knew they had to be patient and start small. Working essentially as a one-man show, Kelvin handled all the servicing works himself, while Miao Ting handles the internal administrative operations. Although it was not easy going, both founders were determined to persevere on.

Their perseverance paid off with their first project, which was providing temporary electrical works for Big Box in Jurong East. This project was made possible with the help of Miao Ting’s ex-boss, which also lent them some workers for the project. With the completion of the first project, Kelvin and Miao Ting were then able to have the finances to hire their first foreign worker.

From then on, Yong Li Electrical never looked back. Given the contract from KDK to be their authorized contractor, Yong Li Electrical are now installing KDK fans island wide, which ensures a reliable stream of projects. With their impeccable service, many of their clients have also recommended Yong Li’s services to their associates, an achievement which Miao Ting and Kelvin are both very proud of.

With their success today, the founders have credited much of it to their hardworking employees. Miao Ting said, “Our workers are responsible, and they are willing to work overtime to complete jobs. Sometimes, customers will email us to compliment on the work done!” In addition, both the founders believed that their positive attitude, coupled with their perseverance, has had much to contribute to today’s success. “If you give your customers a positive attitude and tend to their needs, they will respond in a similar fashion as well.”

Both Miao Ting and Kelvin would also like to extend their gratitude to Mr. Don Lim of Light Control Enterprise as well. Miao Ting said, “He rented the office to us, and if he has any electrical needs his clients has, he will refer them to us. He has told us, ‘When I see your achievements today, I will fully support you.’ He really helped us a lot and we would not be where we are today without his support.”

The last two years have been an extensive learning experience for both Miao Ting and Kelvin. Looking back on their entrepreneurial journey, they shared with us what had learnt. Kelvin said, “Sincerity and credibility is very important. If your customers trust you, they will try their best to come back to you. Therefore, when you do anything, think from the customer’s perspective.” For Miao Ting, customer service and working attitude is of most importance to her. “They may be fierce customers out there, but we still have to maintain and control a good temper.”

Looking ahead, the founders hope to switch their company from a sole proprietorship to a private limited some point down the line. They would also like to have their own office someday, as well as hiring more workers. Ideally, both Miao Ting and Kelvin wishes to open a shop selling fans and lamps, creating a one-stop service to clients who wishes to purchase and install their electrical appliances.

Though they have achieved quite an amount of success, it is clear to see that Yong Li Electrical is eager to achieve even more success in the years ahead. With their technical expertise and superior customer service, there is no doubt that this will become a reality some time very soon.

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1 Sunview Road #03-42
Echo-Tech @ Sunview S(627615)
T| 9099 6085
E| yonglielectrical@gmail.com


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