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Mr. King Lai Tin Yau
Mr. Eric Ho
Mr. Hock Lim

With the rise in operating costs, more and more companies in Singapore are looking to external companies to outsource their manpower solutions, allowing them to focus on their core business and offerings. Therefore, the demand for trained, knowledgeable sales personnel has skyrocketed recently. For Tekmedia Solutions, who strives to the industry leader in providing competent sales personnel to such companies, they are well poised to fill this vacuum created by the recent demand.

Founded in 2003 by King Lai and Eric Ho, Tekmedia Solutions provides a comprehensive range of manpower solutions to the sales industry, with services including manpower recruitment, human resource management, sales and product training, as well as visual merchandising services. These services mainly aims to help their clients manage and monitor their sales team, training brand ambassadors about the name they are selling, which allows their clients to present their best front forward in the market.

2009 was a momentous year for Tekmedia Solutions. Not only did they achieve a $4 million turnover in sales that year, they also expanded and established a similar venture in Malaysia as the demand for staffing services grew over the border. With their primary focus on commitment, reliability, and efficiency, Tekmedia Solutions now proudly serves many companies in various industries, and their clients include household names such as Harvey Norman, Courts, and Challenger.

For Tekmedia Solutions, it all started with the founder’s ambitions to do something more with themselves. Incidentally, they recognized a demand in their industry that was not being filled by any other company. Hock said, “There was a vacuum in the market, and we wanted to be the ones to fill this vacuum.” To accomplish that, King and Eric decided to establish Tekmedia Solutions, and the company was thus born.

With the competitive manpower solutions industry in Singapore, it is perhaps inevitable that Tekmedia Solutions encountered certain difficulties during their first years of operations. King said, “Mainly our difficulties lies in the customer base and our marketing. We were a new company, and we had to build our customer base from scratch.” Besides the above, the founders also noted that funding and resources were a challenge as well. With only $2000, King and Hock knew that they had to offer something special in order for Tekmedia Solutions to be successful.

And they did. By crafting their business strategy bit by bit, and introducing innovate training programmes that ensures results in their personnel, Tekmedia Solutions achieved a considerable amount of success rapidly, hitting their first million dollar sales turnover within their first three years, something which remains on the list of the founders’ proudest achievements since their establishment.

Much of this success is attributed to the Tekmedia Solution’s signature training programmes. Hock, one of the main training instructors, said, “Our training component really makes a difference. We focus primarily on quality and results, and we won’t let the people out unless they have achieved these.”

With many years of success in their entrepreneurial journeys, the directors are now well aware of just what it takes to be in successful in business. King said, “For me, I believe that people management is very important. A company is all about the people. In Tekmedia, there are people who have been with us for a very long time, who are now long serving employees. Given that we are a people business, we seem to be successful on that front.”

Hock then added, “What is important for me is that we are here to bring value to the industry. The thing is, people should go chasing money. Provide the value, the money will come to you.” He also asserted his belief that an entrepreneur also needs to be dynamic with their business model, be comfortable at taking certain risks, and be ready for changes all the time.

With their accumulated success, they are eager to build on this wave, and achieve even more success in the near future. King said, “There are many options we are exploring right now, which may or may not be related to what we are doing now. We are open to opportunities that will expand upon our business, but this will require careful planning and execution.”

Under King, Eric and Hock’s leadership, Tekmedia Solutions has gone from strength to strength since their establishment, achieving the kind of success elusive to many other companies in their industry. With reliable, professional, and outstanding services, it is not a stretch to imagine that their wave of success will only continue on for the coming years.

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