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Ms. Yvonne Tan

SEC International was established in 2002 to provide clients with a one-stop solution for their Total Manufacturing Needs.

Faced with sensitive skin challenges personally, Yvonne decided to diversify SEC’s portfolio in 2010. It was in 2012, after much research, that SEC was ready to expand and develop solutions to alleviate the dry, itchy and sensitive skin conditions experienced by people suffering from eczema and dry skin irritations. This is accomplished on top of SEC’s operations of delivering engineering support and industrial components to various multinational companies around globe.

However, entering into a new market posed some problems for Yvonne and her team. At the beginning, being a newcomer in this niche industry, brand awareness was a huge issue. The SEC team grappled with this but constantly came up with innovative ideas to promote their brand and products. The belief in the solutions that SEC can provide for problematic skin sufferers was the key driving force for the company. In 2013, SEC Lifestyle was set up to focus entirely on the sales and marketing activities of its innovative skin solutions.

The SEC team never stops learning. In addition to tapping on their strong engineering background, SEC also partners with experts around the globe to create solutions that will constantly improve the lifestyle of others.

Yvonne mentions that the other facet of SEC International is their role as the marketing arm of their industrial components. They provide Quality Assurance and engineering support for the entire SEC Group of Companies.

For this part of the business, the company stands behind the values of on-time delivery, quality products and services, and competitive pricing.

SEC is also a company that believes strongly in education. Since 2007, SEC has partnered with Singapore Bible College (SBC) through the setting up of the En-Scholarship to assist and help students with their financial constraints while studying in SBC.

Over the years, SEC has received a lot of good press and positive reviews from various media owners and publications. Yvonne believes that the company’s success boils down to its ability to build long-term relationships with their customers.

“We are here to provide a solution that will help our customers and continuously make it better by listening to them.” Yvonne says. Adding on, she reveals that though financial profit is a way to measure a company’s success, it is not her only motivation; it is knowing that SEC’s products and services help improve one’s quality of life that is the most important.

Evidently, SEC is a business that prides themselves on more than just revenue, they truly believe in building a rapport with their customers and improving customer experience.

When asked about some of the company’s proudest achievements, Yvonne says that she is proud of her team as they have been able to create a brand that is trusted by so many of their clients. She elaborates that this is testament to the company’s philosophy and ethics. Showering more praise for her team, Yvonne says that she feels very blessed to have a team that is dependable and knowledgeable.

Shedding light on her main source of motivation, Yvonne mentions that God’s promise, her son and her staff are her major priorities in life. She says that she wants her staff to prosper and do well in life; this is because she views them as family and wants to see them achieving their goals. In addition, she says that a lot of people have been happy with their dealing with SEC, and this fills her with a great amount of pride and joy.

Unmistakeably, SEC is a company that is diversified, and one that has been able to fulfil the different requirements from consumers as well as corporate clients. However, the key reason why they have been able to keep a goal in sight and do well is largely because they trust God. And as Yvonne emphasizes, “It is not man alone but the blessing of our Lord Jesus.”

Undoubtedly, their success will only continue and they will eventually leave their mark on the entrepreneurial landscape in Singapore and beyond.

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1 Pemimpin Drive #07-09
One Pemimpin S(576151)
T| 6659 7890



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