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Mr. Cedric Siw

With all buildings, its foundation is the most important feature. They have to bear the immense weight of the building itself, keeping the building upright and its inhabitants safe. In modern times, metals are a key element of the structural system, and steel is now widely used in beams and columns, joints, and frames.

Established in 2008 by Mr. Cedric Siw, KB-Max Pte Ltd is a structural steel specialist, specializing in pre-engineering building installation services such as the designing and supplying of pre-engineering buildings, conventional structural fabrication, total roofing solutions and installations, as well as general steel works.

The company has completed numerous projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, with them lending their expertise towards the building of buildings such as factories, steel structures, and even airport hangars. Till date, the biggest, clear span structure KB-Max has built is an 80-meter wide aircraft hangar located in the Seletar Aerospace Park, capable of storing an A380 aircraft.

An IT graduate, Cedric did not expect himself to be making his name now in the construction industry. But things changed in 2003. “My father used to run a roofing business, and after he passed away that year, I took over the company. It was a totally different experience for me as I came from a tech background. I had to be very hands on, and manage all aspects of the company.”

After running the business for a few years, Cedric wanted to expand his range, to go beyond simply offering roofing services in the construction industry. With his decision to go into steel structuring, Cedric established KB-Max Pte Ltd in 2008, which then expanded to civil work and main contractor services in 2012.

Switching from roofing to steel structures, it meant that Cedric had to learn many things from scratch again. He said, “It was quite a steep learning curve for me. As a newcomer, I had to learn many things from the experts I work with. Also, as with many companies in the construction industry, manpower is always a big issue, and sometimes there can be a worker shortage during a project, which we then have to navigate around.”

In addition, as government policies increases workers levies, and with the available projects getting lesser and lesser, Cedric is aware of the imminent challenges facing the construction industry.

For Cedric, the most efficient way to counter these challenges is KB-Max’s constant improvement. He said, “We need to keep upgrading ourselves, to keep up with the latest market developments, technology, and news. That way, we can cultivate skilled workers, and provide the best solutions and services to our projects and clients.”

“For us, we make it a point to constantly improve the skills of our professional workers, and we provide engineer support for all our projects. This is something that very few companies do, and we offer our services at the same competitive price as different companies. These additional services are what makes us stand out from the rest in the industry.”

At times a tough journey, Cedric confesses that the responsibility every entrepreneur must face constantly motivates him. “As an entrepreneur, the responsibility has now fallen on my shoulders. Even if there are bad days, I have to move on, not just to support my own family, but the livelihood of my employees as well. I have to be very self-motivated, and not simply wait for external factors to inspire me.”

Having taken charge of his own company since 2003, Cedric has accumulated more than ten years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt. Throughout these years, Cedric felt that he has learnt much from his entrepreneurial journey. He said, “One of the most important things I learnt was how to stay on top of project management. In it, fund management is absolutely critical to the whole company. If you don’t manage your own funds, it will come back and create problems in the future. This was something I had to learn in a bad way.”

“To achieve success, most of the time you need good chances to come your way. When they come, you need to grab your chances. It is all about the right market, and the right timing, to seize the moment when it arrives.”

With their professional and value added services, KB-Max has propelled themselves to the forefront of their industry. With Cedric at the helm leading the company onwards, KB-Max looks well set to accumulate more success in the near future.

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