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Ms. Meiko Mizuno

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, it has become important for many ladies to accentuate one of their most prominent facial features. With many Asian women having naturally sparse and short eyelashes, eyelash extension has become an increasing popular beauty procedure in Singapore.

Lucieo Tokyo is a Japanese brand, well known for their beauty services and facials. Having made their mark in the Japanese market, they opened an outlet on Singaporean soil in 2014. Since their establishment, their signature eyelash extension services have been receiving rave reviews from their customers.

Using extension methods from Tokyo, alongside an exquisitely designed salon from a famous designer, Lucieo Tokyo enables their customers to enjoy professional and fuss-free beauty services right here in Singapore. Customers are able to choose the design of their lashes depending on their preferences and requirements, with styles such as Natural, Cute, Sexy, and Gorgeous available for them to choose from. They are also able to customize their volume, curl and thickness, and even the color of their carefully curated eyelashes. With such a wide assortment of customization options, customers of Lucieo Tokyo are spoilt for choice when it comes to enhancing their eyelashes.

With eight years of eyelash extension experience, and ten years in the beauty industry, Director and Chief Therapist Meiko Mizuno is a seasoned professional in the competitive Japanese beauty industry. Armed with a desire to open her own salon, she established the first outlet of Lucieo Tokyo in Japan in 2010. She then proceeded to open the Singaporean outlet in 2014, after receiving good feedback from her customers.

However, setting up a Singaporean outlet presented certain challenges for Lucieo Tokyo. Meiko explained, “In Singapore, one thing is that the land is expensive. It is hard to find a good place for us to set up a outlet.”

In addition, with the company’s history and culture, their employees need to fulfill a certain criteria. Meiko said, “Therefore, it was hard to find the right people. Besides being good in their skills, they need to fit in with the company culture as well. Here, all of us speak and communicate in Japanese. Therefore, we needed to find people who can speak the language. Also, it is hard to get a visa here, so we had to look at various options, such as hiring Japanese people who are living in Singapore.”

But as Lucieo Tokyo located a prime location in Robertson Walk, their services, perfectly honed in Japan, were soon sought after by their customers. “At first, there were plenty of Japanese people who came to us. But after a while, more and more local people started coming for our services as well.”

Today, Lucieo Tokyo has established themselves firmly within the Singaporean market, with a solid customer base, and rave reviews from bloggers and reviewers online. For Meiko, she attributes much of it to her skills, which she learnt from in Japan. She said, “The Japanese quality is something that everyone looks for, because that symbolizes a certain quality and standard. For the techniques that my therapists and me use on our customers here, they are all from Japan, and this is something our customers specifically look for when they come to us.”

With five years of experience as an entrepreneur, and even more as a beauty therapist, Meiko is very clear about what entrepreneurship means to her. She said, “It’s all about hospitality. When you serve your customers, it is not just the quality they are looking for, but the manner of service you provide to them. Without your hospitality, your customers will not be satisfied.”

“Also, cleanliness is very important as well, especially in the beauty industry. This is for the safety of the customers; they need to feel safe and assured when we are performing our services for them.”

Having achieved success in their Robertson Walk outlet, Meiko is optimistic about the future of Lucieo Tokyo in Singapore. She said, “We are definitely planning to open more outlets in Singapore. Of course, the location has to be good. We are also looking to expand our range of services by including waxing and other kinds of facials into our service range.”

With Meiko’s years of experience, coupled with great passion for her work and Lucieo Tokyo, it is little wonder the company has accumulated much success since their inception. No doubt, Lucieo Tokyo will continue to operate at the highest level of skill and professionalism, delivering only the best of service to their clients.

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Robertson Walk S(237995)
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