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Mr. Azman

More and more people are taking the leap and starting their own businesses. It is a phenomenon that we can observe from all around the world, from the technopreneurs in Berlin, to the rise of “indie” cafes and clothing stores on our very shores. These days, many are ditching the conventional 9 to 5 routine and are instead choosing to pursue their own dreams and passions in life.

One such individual is Azman, founder of ButterScotch Creations Pte Ltd. The serial entrepreneur is currently operating three different businesses – a web development agency, a café, and clothing line – under the ButterScotch family.

With a background in graphic design from LASALLE College of the Arts, Azman first gained employment as a web and print designer. He mentions that this allowed him to learn important skills that would eventually go on to equip him with the necessary tools to run his own agency. In merely a few years, Azman was servicing the accounts for heavyweights such as AIA, CitiBank, and Standard Chartered Bank.

However, for Azman, there was always something more that he craved. He wanted a “new challenge”. Coincidentally, Azman decided to come up with a plan to start his own business over a casual meal with a few friends. He mentions that the decision to become an entrepreneur happened over supper and that was where he came up with a “ten year goal” to see if being an entrepreneur would work out for him.

In 2009, Azman started ButterScotch, and admits to having to struggle with a steep learning curve. Candidly, Azman recalls an incident where he was invited to present his project for a marketing campaign, but was “too anxious and trembling” as he had no experience presenting in front of a group of key decision makers. Instead of dwelling on pessimistic and defeatist thoughts, Azman decided to use this experience to his advantage, as this experience acts as a constant remind for Azman to be prepared for anything that comes his way in his career.

Azman had to “bite the bullet”, and toiled at his work. He learnt to manage cash flow, and in the meantime, he practised on his presentation skills tirelessly. This has obviously paid off as the company has been offered many governmental projects ever since.

When asked if he ever thought of giving up, Azman said: “For me, I just think of working hard, being sincere in the work that I do, and in enjoying every bit of it. Ultimately, I will be fine.” The persistence to “never give up” is what clients and friends alike see in Azman and his company.

As such, it did not come as a shock to many that Azman began toying with the idea of starting his own café. Azman is known to the people around as someone who craves for new challenges, and opening a café was the next mountain for him to conquer.

Azman sought advice from a friend, who works as a restaurant manager, and set about to put his plan in motion. On top of that, Azman confesses to being “hands-on” in his approach, he says that he came up with the menu and the decorations of his café, also named ButterScotch.

Knowing that he needs to set himself apart due to the abundance of small and hip cafes in the area, Azman came up with the idea to serve, home-baked cakes, desserts and main dishes at the café, something uncommon in this line. This is a bold move that paid off, as tourists from as far as Brunei and Indonesia have given glowing reviews of the café.

In the fall of 2014, Azman decided to start a clothing line, Butter&Bold. This time, he enlists the help of his sister, who has experience in the retail industry. Currently, the range of clothing is aimed at teenagers and young adults. His range of apparel is also now available in Zalora’s MarketPlace and has been receiving good response

“I love exploring things that I think I am unable to achieve. At the end of this, I end up being amazed by my own capabilities,” quipped Azman, when asked about the joys of being an entrepreneur.

Needless to say, Azman’s diverse portfolio indicates an individual who is willing to learn and take on big challenges in life. It is little surprise that this all-rounder is doing well in his business ventures. Without a doubt, his success will only continue as he lives for conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

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Inno Centre #07-04 S(159836)
T| 6376 4463
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E| hello@butterscreate.com


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