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Ministry of InteriorName of Recipient:
Mr. William Ang

Everyone aspires to own their dream home, where every piece of furniture, nook, and cranny are tailor-made for the homeowners. Many homeowners these days spend upwards of $30,000 on home renovations cost alone, this more than underscore the emphasis placed towards aesthetics.

William Ang set up Ministry of Interior because of his wish to help homeowners realise their dream homes. He went into the interior design industry because he enjoys the creative process of the work.

A serial entrepreneur from a tender age, William says that he was interested in starting a business from a young age. At a tender age twenty-one years old, he started a business trading and importing consumer electronics such as power banks and cables. Interestingly, his trading and importing business is still in operation today.

“I like being an entrepreneur because I enjoy having the freedom to work without any restrictions from a boss,” he says. After working in the interior design industry for a few years, William decided to follow his dream of starting his own interior design business.

The beginning was tough for him because he was a “one-man show”. Even for a seasoned entrepreneur like William, he expressed some apprehension and he said: “I was stressed, at the time. Because I didn’t know how much I could handle, and also I was afraid there wouldn’t be clients!” On top of that, in order to provide additional exposure for his company, he would even go door-to-door to give out flyers to promote his business. Through it all, William believes that he would be successful and was not one to shy away from challenges.

He continued to work hard at his work and put in his best for every single opportunity that came his way. His hard work did not go unnoticed as many customers saw the dedication that William has for his craft and started referring their friends to him.

Furthermore, one of the unique things about Ministry of Interior is their customer service. Their approach to customers is unique because they emphasise practicality over style. William said: “I always ask my customers to think about what they need first.” After that, the company will offer their own advice including the maintenance costs, and general pros and cons of his customer’s proposed designs.

When asked why he chooses to approach his customers this way, William says that he needs to ensure that his customers get a service they are satisfied with, and that if he were to only focus on financial gain, he cannot build up his company to be trustworthy.

He adds that the industry will continue to do well because it a uniquely Singaporean culture and mentality to want to “upgrade” and improve the interior of their homes. William says that homeowners will feel the urge to renovate their homes or rooms after five or ten years.

Equally passionate about entrepreneurship, William states that there are no shortcuts to success – One must work hard, be sincere, and treat others with honesty.

“An entrepreneur is a person with a positive mental attitude, and he has an attitude to try out new ideas all the time!” William beams. He elaborates further and says that one must have a passion to creating something out of nothing. To him, those two attributes are the main contributor to one’s success.

He says that he feels inspired to become a business owner because he love to challenge himself by stepping out of his own comfort zone. William says that he does not want to have a “predictable life” as he prefers to see life as his own adventure.

It seems like Ministry of Interior’s business philosophy is a good mix of adventurous and pragmatism, and this is most likely the reason for their success. There is little doubt that Ministry of Interior is in it for the long haul, and they will only continue to do well in the interior design industry.

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21 Woodlands Close Primz Bizhub
#04-31 S(737854)
T| 6564 9960
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