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Wehner Names of Recipients:
Mr. Steve Ng
Mr. Ryan Peh
Ms. Kwan Pui Leng

With only a start up capital of SG$6000, friends Steve Ng and Ryan Peh, started Wehner Engineering in 2001. As one can tell, naturally with a small start up capital, the duo had to make ends meet and squeeze out every single dollar they have.

In fact, the two were so short on money that had to borrow an office space from a relative, as they did not have enough money after investing their capital on office and work equipment. To add to the problem, the duo also had much difficulty finding sales, as they were not exposed to neither sales nor marketing in the past.

Looking back at those tough times, Steve said: “We find ourselves in a dilemma because there wasn’t a single order receive.” However, shutting down operations never crossed Steve and Ryan’s minds as they have a deep belief that they will achieve success.

Despite their dreams to be successful, reality was harsh. Steve and Ryan were managing more than they could handle, and that was when they recruited Pui Leng to come on board as the third director. Pui Leng played an integral role to steer Wehner towards rising success. She was put in charge of digitising the company’s documents and inventory files so that it would be easier to reference paperwork in the future. Furthermore, she also contributed to key areas such as sales, operations and shipment. Steve said that Pui Leng’s involvement with the company gave the company a ‘firm foundation’ and this gave them the confidence and capabilities to eventually open their sales office in Thailand.

The three directors continued to grit their teeth and worked their way up. They decided to focus on implementing their corporate mission into every aspect of their work. Firstly, Wehner believes in providing service at their customer’s doorstep. They provide customer’s with JIT (just in time) services by appointing overseas agents and sales offices so that customers can always locate a centre for solutions. Next, Wehner believes in strategic planning. The owners are well aware that a company needs to be adroit and evolve with the times. As such, they are constantly finding new ways to suit their customer’s demands. Lastly, they focus much of their energy on providing premier management systems.

These three measures are put together to ensure that the company continues in their progress as well as provide value-added services and products to their customers.

When asked about the company’s proudest achievements to date, all three directors state in unison that the meteoric rise of their company with a turnover of SG$20,000 to more than SG$3.56 million is something they feel extremely proud about.

It may interest the curious onlooker on the origins of the company’s name. Steve explains that the word “wehner” is actually German for “coach-man”, the founders feel that this reflects their role as the “middle man” whose job entails them to facilitate their clients to greater efficiency through their products and services.

The meaning of entrepreneurship is something that means a lot for the founders of Wehner. Steve revealed that the most beautiful and frightening part about being an entrepreneur lies in risk-taking. Despite that, it is something that all entrepreneurs have to go through on their unique paths.

Furthermore, Steve says that an entrepreneur is an individual who has “true passion” in whatever he/she does. This passion will come in useful because the path of entrepreneurship is one that is filled with a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Steve goes on and says that he looks up to his uncle, who not unlike himself, build up a business from nothing. He says that his uncle’s “strong belief in making things possible”, is what he aims to model himself after.

To summarize, Steve shared that a successful entrepreneur is one who is able to have both passion and courage. Furthermore, he elaborated that good entrepreneurs are also disciplined individuals, as he said: “if you can’t lead yourself in the business, chances are you won’t be able to lead your business and your team.”

Wehner Engineering’s success is only the start of their inspiring story. There is no doubt that Steve, Ryan and Pui Leng will continue to forge ahead and create more milestones for many more years to come.

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