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Mr. William Chong

It is somewhat true to suggest that urbanites live a very cluttered life. We have an abundance of possessions that range from clothes to the newest gadgets. As such, it is of little surprise that many times our houses or rooms are stuffed to the brim with these possessions. However, has it ever occurred to us that these possessions may pose a threat to our lives, as it may become a fire hazard?

To combat this problem, people install overhead sprinklers to mitigate such a disaster from happening. Vision System Pte Ltd is one of the premier companies in Singapore that specialises in such services. In addition, they also offer to their clients other services such as riser systems, fire alarm systems and many more.

Since their start in 1995, Vision System has been providing their services to clients from all walks of life. This ranges from HDB flat owners to installing fire alarm systems in big resort hotels. Founder, William Chong, says that he decided to join this line of work when he took over the company from its former superior.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, William said that he faced a lot of difficulties during the early stages of set up. While he has the necessary expertise, he was relatively new to being an entrepreneur. William said, “I had limited capital, we had to source for everything on our own, from resources to employees.” Evidently, William was faced with a herculean task, however, he is a person who enjoys a challenge and persevered.

William says that the most effective way to bring in more customers is to simply do a good job. While the philosophy may be simple, Vision System believes in paying more than lip service to their customers as they not only talk the talk, they also walk the walk.

“We believe in being sincere and honest to our clients. Secondly, a good company must have good customer service. Lastly, it is important that we charge an affordable rate,” said William. This serves to encapsulate the ethos of the company and is the reason for Vision System’s success. According to William, customers mostly solicit their services after hearing positive referral from friends and colleagues.

Clearly, Vision System is a company that prides themselves on the ethos of hard work and in delivering quality services to their customers. Often times, this fundamental framework is a perfect recipe for success, as it provides a holistic experience for clients.

No stranger to big projects, William says that he feels extremely proud to be able to provide their services to the National Cancer Centre and the Aerospace Complex at West Camp road. He says that this symbolises that his company is trusted by bigger organisations in Singapore and that being picked for the project is a great validation for the company.

Going into his personal life, he says that he feels extremely proud to be able to emerge successful in his industry. He elaborates that he worked ‘from zero’ and has managed to achieve a level of success that he never would have thought to be possible at the beginning.

William also discusses at length about the journey of being an entrepreneur. He says that an entrepreneur must be prepared for any situation and adapt to the times. He said: “At times, it is possible that people don’t pay you after finishing a job. Or it could be that your contractor or supplier go out of business.” He adds that these unforeseen circumstances will test an entrepreneur’s ability to think on the spot and will also help the growth of an individual. He adds that one must be able to have backup plans at every step of the way, because without them, one may be at a loss when a crisis occurs.

Clearly, what can be deduced from William is that his ability to assume the helm of the business is to be admired. Firstly, he has to learn entrepreneurial skills on the job and handle issues such as payroll, cash flow and finding newer customers and contractors. Secondly, he has a firm grasp of what his company’s philosophy and ethos are, and prides himself in serving clients with sincerity and honesty. Lastly, his ability to start from scratch to the point of building up a successful business on his own underscores the will to never give up.

Undoubtedly, Vision Systems will only continue to flourish because of their sound fundamental values and their unparalleled work ethic.

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