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Valor AudioNames of Recipients:
Mr. Eugene Heng

Mr. Leon Tan

Singaporeans love to have a good time and many attend events and concerts to unwind and spend precious time with friends and family. These can range from musicals, to concerts and openings. These events evoke a sense of excitement and exuberance with its energy, and in recent years, the public are spoilt for choices as there is always something fresh and new coming along in this vibrant city-state.

Established in 2012 by Eugene Heng and Leon Tan, Valor Audio Visual is a premier company that provides events with services such as the rental AV equipment and installation. The company literally started out as a two-man team at the beginning. “I began this company after working as a labourer in an AV company,” said Eugene. Eugene says that he wanted to try something new after his ORD from the National Service. Eugene had managed to get in touch with Leon, his cousin, to start a business together.

However, as with any business, the initial stages were rocky and difficult to navigate. Eugene and Leon cited a wide range of problems they had to overcome. Firstly, due to them being new in the business, they had difficulties finding the necessary resources for their fledging audio-visual company. Second, their business requires a high cost of operations, from items such as equipment to issues such as monthly rental.

Despite these issues, Valor continued to march on. Eugene said that they had to engage in taking on more projects and to promote themselves with advertising in order to gain a firmer foot in the industry. Their measures have obviously paid off as they had managed to move from a humble shared office space with 4 projectors and 2 speakers to their own warehouse space with wide variety of audio visual and lighting equipments.

Undoubtedly their success indicates a true blue-collar ethos of working hard and doing the best to their abilities. Eugene and Leon refused to give in and continued to follow their dreams. It is therefore an understatement to say that the founders of Valor Audio Visual are self-made individuals who forge their own success.

When asked about the major points where their company is able to set themselves apart from their competitors, Leon proudly said: “We believe in providing great customer service at reasonable pricing.” This serves to highlight the ethos of the company, as they believe in building a rapport and a relationship with their clients. In addition, their believing in pricing themselves reasonably is also another way to show extent their friendship to their clients.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed by their clients, as one of their clients, impressed by their work and dedication, invited Valor Audio Visual to a project in Boston.

Eugene and Leon also shared their proudest moments while on the job. They beamed when they said that they managed to complete their project to set up for a vertical marathon in only half a day. They then went on to talk about providing their services for the opening of the River Safari and ZoukOut.

Additionally, both Eugene and Leon are equally passionate about entrepreneurship. They agreed that being an entrepreneur is something that requires a massive amount of time, a great deal of hard work, and a healthy dose of innovation.

Their success, at a relatively young age, is something remarkable. However, Eugene and Leon believe in learning and living with their feet firmly on the ground. Leon said that everyone at their source of happiness and achievement comes from them being able to successfully delivery their clients’ expectations.

Their success so far is already a huge indication that we have not seen the last of Valor Audio Visual, and with their work ethics and professionalism, their company will only soar to achieve greater things in the coming years.

Contact Details
7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
NorthStar #03-45 S(569880)
T| 6555 5835


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