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Mr. Seah Kwee Hock

We live in a world of technology. We are hooked onto our smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other gadgets from morning to night. But has it ever occurred to us that these state-of-the-arts gadgets are giving off undetectable emissions that may cause harm to our bodies? One pressing problem the urbanite faces is the emission of electromagnetic energy at home or at the office.

Occupying a niche market to address the issue of harmful emission of electromagnetic energy from gadgets and household products is JS Denki Pte Ltd. Founder Mr. Seah Kwee Hock, an expert in Electromagnetic Compability (EMC) testing, says that people do not realise the gravity of the situation as these emissions are invisible.

EMC is the study of unintentional generation, reception and propagation of electromagnetic energy and the unwanted effects that such energy may cause. The goal of Mr. Seah’s work at JS Denki is to ensure the correct operations of different products and to avoid any harmful emission of electromagnetic energy into the environment.

Mr. Seah, who was originally from Malaysia, came to Singapore to work at a Japanese technological company in the early nineties as a process engineer. He was selected to go to Japan for two years from 1995 to 1997 to gain further education in the field of EMC testing. It was during his training in Japan that he became a knowledgeable proponent in this specialised field. Upon returning to Singapore, he worked as an EMC test engineer to ensure that products released into the market had passed the EMC regulations.

It was in 2002 that Mr. Seah set up JS Denki Pte Ltd. He says that he wanted to “find the next breakthrough” in his career. He says that while he was working as an employee, he envisioned himself to be at a cul-de-sac, and the only way for him to grow was to start a business of his own.

Currently, JS Denki counts institutions such a Nanyang Polytechnic and PSB Academy as clients. They are the company responsible for helping these institutions with setting up laboratories. Mr. Seah and his team are responsible for conducting EMC tests and measurement solutions to ensure that the facilities are in line with international standards.

Behind today’s success, lies a story of hardship. Mr. Seah says that the start of the company was anything but smooth sailing. He said: “We had no cash, no manpower, I was the only worker, and I had to compete with German companies.”

Despite that, Mr. Seah refused to give up, because he knew that the only way to grow was to challenge his own limitations. Thankfully, he got the support of his suppliers and created a cohesive partnership with them. Furthermore, he implements good after-sales services for all his clients. Mr. Seah says that that is one of JS Denki’s selling points, as they are highly responsive to their customers’ requests.

Mr. Seah adds that this has brought about visible success as his company has grown exponentially over the past years. His staff strength has grown from the size of one to twenty-one. When asked about the reason for his success, Mr. Seah says that it boils down to the company’s philosophy to work for any client who requires their services.

He says that he will not refuse to help out smaller companies when they require his help. He said: “It’s all about the customers, we pledge to work for even a small sum.” Evidently, this mode of operation shows that JS Denki extends their warmth to customers and Mr. Seah sees his company as more than a business. He sees it as a place to build lasting relationships and create new rapport with others.

The tireless Mr. Seah also has business operations in China, where he also specialises in wireless and automotive services. He says that he is always happy to learn new skills as it keeps him updated about the world.

When asked about his biggest achievement, Mr. Seah says that he feels heartened to be able to employ his skills to give back to society. “As my skill is lacking in South East Asia, I feel proud to be able to contribute to this region and serve my community,” said Mr. Seah.

Mr. Seah is very passionate about having a flat hierarchy in the company. He says that a company can only be successful when the entire team works together closely. He said: “We don’t see ourselves as colleagues, we see ourselves as family members working together.”

He adds that the main force behind any successful organisation is teamwork. Mr. Seah explained: “No man is an island. Everyone in an organisation needs someone else’s help at one point in time. It is important that people see themselves as part of a team. That is what will help a business to function smoothly!”

Clearly, JS Denki is more than just a company. It is the representation of one man’s unique goal. Mr. Seah has managed to acquire a rare talent, and reinvent himself in order to serve his clients and community better. It is certainly not an understatement to say that JS Denki will be on the lips of clients and potential clients for many more years in the future.

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