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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sherrie Tsang

A lot can be said about P J Human Resources, being that they have been awarded the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award in 2013, 2014, and now, 2015. The reasons for their success are diverse and multi-faceted, but what cannot be understated is that they would have thoroughly deserved these accolades.

Ms. Sherrie Tsang has a very interesting take on her job as a manpower recruitment consultant. She says that she sees the people she meets as people whose aim is to be happy and financially independent. She elaborates that she refuses to see her role as merely a facilitator for people’s employment purposes.

Sherrie takes it upon herself to act as a mentor to teenagers seeking for jobs through her agency. She shares, “Many times, we would actually ring up the parents of teenage job seekers to ask if they are actually allowed to work.” This shows that there is something intrinsically compassionate and responsive about the way P J Human Resources conducts their daily operations. This underscores that monetary incentive is not the be all and end all for them. The company is deeply committed to their company mission statement of creating values for both clients and resources. The company treats all their clients more as individual human beings, rather than just clients.

Looking forward into the future, Sherrie intents to put more weight on the Food and Beverage industry. She is actively planning to open a F&B outlet that would be able to serve as a training ground for people seeking employment and progressing in the service industry. She said: “Actually, there is a major shortage in the service industry, so we seek to change that by creating our very own manageable and applicable training facility to our potential employees.”

Sherrie goes at length to talk about the importance of being more than a business owner, saying, “Entrepreneurship is more than setting up a business, it is about having a firm grasp of the industry, product cycle and economy.” In a nutshell, she has encapsulated the entire notion of entrepreneurship, which is the ability to multi-task and to be an expert in more than one area. This requires a great amount of focus and dedication.

Running a manpower recruitment service is more than just assigning different people to fulfill different roles in a company. Sherrie says placement is also largely dependent on the aptitude and attitude of the individuals. She elaborates that while an individual may have the skills and expertise to excel at a job, the individual must have possess correct mindset and work ethics for that particular job.

In addition, an entrepreneur must work hard to provide an unforgettable service experience and also to deliver the customer’s expectation. She says that an insightful entrepreneur is someone who is able to navigate through different circumstances and have impeccable crises management skills. This is largely because the world of business is volatile and an entrepreneur must steer fearlessly through the storms and clear all obstacles along the way.

Combining compassion with a deep passion for learning and applying various fields of knowledge, Sherrie and her team have been able to remain as the top choice for many of their clients. She says that she is extremely thankful to be able to work in this industry as it allows her the opportunity to help out clients and also to act as a mentor to younger job seekers.

Evidently, P J Human Resources is an unique entity within the manpower recruitment industry. Their approach to work is not only providing companies with the relevant manpower, but also provides job seekers with mentor-ship, learning opportunities and human compassion. Those are a few of the many reasons that have kept P J Human Resources at the forefront of their chosen industry. It is most certain that they will only continue their success for many years to come.

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