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Mr. Liew Kong Nam

As smartphones and tablets continue to revolutionize our daily lives, more and more businesses have begun using the mobile platform to further improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations. For companies who are seeking an experienced and specialized mobile solutions provider, Nano Equipment may just be the answer.

Established in 2002, Nano Equipment is an enterprise solutions provider, specializing in development of technological mobile solutions, which helps their clients improve business productivity, as well as further engaging their own customers to their businesses.

With a commitment towards the quality of their services and products, Nano Equipment has supplied mobile solutions to many industries for a wide variety of applications, which includes track and dispatch, field inspection, point-of-sales, customer service, workforce management, and much more.

With their specialty in high productivity mobile apps, Nano Equipment has accumulated an impressive array of clients. Not only do their clients include household names such as M1, L’Oreal, Pizza Hut, Borneo Motors and Daimler, Nano Equipment has also lent their expertise to government agencies such as the Ministry of Manpower, Building and Construction Authority, National Parks Board and National Library Board.

Current Managing Director, Mr. Liew Kong Nam, helmed the company since 2006. Mr. Liew said, “Mr. HK Cheong, the founder of Nano Equipment and I used to work together in an MNC. In 2006, he convinced me to join Nano Equipment as one of the partners and to lead the business.”

“Previously, the company was more specialized in hardware and network equipment and electronics, hence the company name. But for me, I have a background in telecommunications, specifically in valued-added services for mobile networks. I have strong interest in software business like what we are doing right now. Therefore, when I took over, I started to shift the company’s direction towards software and mobile technology, which was, at that time, a very niche area in the local market.”

During 2006, Singaporeans were prevalently still using GPRS technology, and 3G data was still a relatively new concept. But it presented a whole new area of opportunities for Nano Equipment. Mr. Liew said, “It was a very exciting time for us! At that time, 3G was very new technology, and we hoped to ride on the wave and the trend. However, as it was new, that meant that it was expensive as well. During the first few years when I took over, our clients were worried about the amount they had to pay to for mobile data charges when using mobile applications.”

However, as 3G technology becomes mainstream, the demand for mobile solutions also grew. Mr. Liew said, “As mobile devices and data charges get cheaper and cheaper, they are now available to almost everyone. Now with 4G, the technology will only continue to improve.”

Therefore, it is up to Nano Equipment to improve as well, to stay ahead of their competitors. Mr. Liew elaborated, “The entry barrier for this industry is low. However, what is different and unique about us is the quality and reliability of our services. If you look at apps, there are many types of them. Some are simple, but our focus is more on enterprise in-house productivity, exclusively for their use. You will not be able to find these apps on the app store as they are developed specially for them, tailored to their requirements.”

“As they are for in-house use, the whole organization may depend on the mobile application to carry out their daily operations. Therefore, we ensure that we have the support structure present and build the solution to handle the traffic. We also work closely with our clients on refinements and new features. Continuous improvement is critical as our solution becomes an integral part of their business.”

With Nano Equipment’s success, Mr. Liew’s journey into entrepreneurship has yielded much knowledge for him as well. He shared, “During the last nine years, I have learnt quite a few things from my experience. One of them is that, if you want to do something, you need to have the interest. At times, being an entrepreneur can be pressurizing, and it can be quite the challenge. You are not only accountable to yourself, but also to your customers and your employees. If you have the interest, you will be able to sustain your effort to the company.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Liew already has plans to further Nano Equipment’s success. He said, “We plan to package our solutions into a suite of products, which hopefully in the future can be the main source of revenue for us. We are also looking to expand our business into the neighboring countries. Right now, in the region, Singapore is the most mature in terms of mobile usage. But other countries are building up their infrastructure, and if they develop in the same trajectory Singapore did before, and as the cost of mobile devices and data usage become cheaper, the market for mobile technology solutions will continue to grow exponentially.”

In an era of mobile dominance, Nano Equipment was one of the first companies who rose to meet the tremendous demand in the Singaporean market. It is truly a testament to their expertise and experience that the company has remained at the head of the industry despite its competitiveness, and there is little doubt they will continue to remain so for the years to come.

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