MetrocleanersName of Recipient:
Mr. Heu Sin Hua

In today’s fast-paced society, most of us lead a hectic lifestyle. What would our homes be if there were no helpers to keep our homes neat and tidy? Without them, we would not be able to enjoy the clean and green environment we have in Singapore. Mr. Sin Hua, an entrepreneur of a cleaning business, MetroCleaners, supplies cleaners to residential areas, serviced apartments and commercial clients who may need domestic help in their homes.

Mr. Sin Hua was in the IT industry for quite a number of years before he decided to start his own business venture in the cleaning industry. He mentioned that there were limited cleaning companies in Singapore, which was the sole reason to why he decided to delve into the business.

MetroCleaners had a rocky start, as they struggled to source for manpower. Finding an appropriate person for the various job scopes were a challenge. Advertisements, online platforms and other marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers were distributed to the public to create brand awareness. Gradually, there were slight improvements when people were starting to recognize MetroCleaners.

Despite the obstacles faced, Mr. Sin Hua was confident and headstrong to bring MetroCleaners to greater heights. It took him years for the company to prosper and it was until recently that the company was gaining profits. Always with an eye on the horizon, Mr. Sin Hua hopes to expand the company in the near future.

When asked about how MetroCleaners stands out from its competitors, he says, “Basically it’s the quality of work and MetroCleaners value our customers as our top priority in our business”.

Mr. Sin Hua mentioned about the proudest achievement MetroCleaners has achieved which is to see his loyal clients who have been supporting him for all these years, which he is proud of. He asserted that it is important for an entrepreneur to understand the value of customers, as they will help immensely to spread the word around of the company and also help in the process of building the image of the brand.

Being in the industry for 12 years, MetroCleaners experiences many ups and downs during the early stage while trying to set a foothold in the industry. Mr. Sin Hua went at lengths to explain the origin of the company’s name. He shared, “We wanted our company’s name to be catchy and interesting. Additionally, we desired for our business to be customer oriented hence the name, MetroCleaners.”

To Mr. Sin Hua, MetroCleaners is only made possible with the help of his invaluable customers who provided him with their full support and trust when he first started his business. He owes most of his gratitude to them and he is utmost grateful that his clients and staff trust his service and company that has led to where it is today.

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Mr. Sin Hua said that one should always be prepared to face obstacles along the road to success. He highlighted that there is a need always to be firm in one’s decisions and be focused to be able to reach their goals. In addition, he feels that it is important for an individual to be able to work well with others and boosting the staffs’ morale helps in delivering customer satisfaction.

Metrocleaners upholds to their core values of integrity, customer centric, quality and personal enrichment. These values are the driving force towards the organization’s success. Mr. Sin Hua, believes that in every dream that one wishes to live, you must be a risk taker and never give up even when challenges come ahead. With this attitude, success will come its way.

All in all, MetroCleaners’s success marks the achievement of an independent and resilient man who is confident in steering his organization towards progress. Mr. Sin Hua’s accomplishments will inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

The Singapore Outstanding Enterprise award is presented to MetroCleaners as their story of passion, determination and confidence displays Mr. Sin Hua’s ability to live his dream in venturing into his own business. This also serves as an inspiration to those budding entrepreneurs who are keen in going into the direction of entrepreneurship.

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