Cesstech (S) Pte Ltd

Website: www.cesstech.com

Cesstech, short for Cleanroom Equipment and System Solution Technology Technology, has been a premium engineering solutions service provider since 1999. They supply high quality technology-related product lines and solutions, this include Particle Counting, Electrostatic (ESD), EMI Management, Microbial and Environmental testing services, among other things.

During its inception, the company faced numerous challenges. These challenges ranged from difficulty in obtaining adequate financial lines from banks, recruiting workers, competition from rivals and many more. Further adding to the woes were the constant rising rental and labour costs.

In order to overcome such difficulties, Cesstech came up with intelligent ways to combat these issues. The company aims to create better productivity growth at the workplace by increasing investments in their software and hardware as well as provide staff with more training so that they may better cope with their work.

Differentiating themselves from competitors, Cesstech focuses on good technical competency with proper credentials and accreditations. The company’s talent pool is filled with technically skilled individuals known to provide reliable service that delivers. All of these factors aid in building trust with clients.

Cesstech stands behind that idea that they not only offer a product, but aim to provide their clients with a complete solution. Their philosophy is to quickly respond to customers’ needs and help customers move towards new benchmarks and standards through training and proper engagement.

In the next five years, the company looks towards several exciting ventures. The first of which includes executing more product enhancement work and customisation to suit different customer needs. Secondly is the designing and manufacturing of in-house products. Last but not least is regional growth expansion into countries such as Vietnam and Myanmar.

Cesstech’s success can be attributed to their technical expertise as well as willingness to adapt and persevere in whatever the environment throws at them. The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise is another milestone in their already decorated portfolio, and the company looks set to continue their trend of success in the coming years.

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15 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #02-31
Win5 S(768091)
T| 6368 2066
F| 6365 8861


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