Apex Hub Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mrs. Eileen Ling
Mr. Stanley Ling

The only challenge in an entrepreneurship is you, especially in an idiosyncratic environment such as one that Apex Hub exists in. Apex Hub is a business that proffers specially concocted; locally manufactured skincare products that eliminates any signs of skin problems faced by the masses. The company also formulated an unique way of treatment which is suitable for differing skin problems. Coupled with this hilt of apparatuses and implementations, Apex Hub is also armed with dermatologists, which offers consultation advice to the customers.

Apex Hub; a name signifying the coveted number 1, in summary then, is a superlative hub which offers aid to everyone faced with skin problems, through the use of innovation and professionalism. Initiated in 2005, by couples Mr Stanley Ling and Mrs Eileen Ling, the ultimate goal of bringing Apex Hub to materialization as elucidated by Mr Stanley is for everybody to look good, and feel good: “I started as a wholesaler more than 5 years ago, distributing to different salons before I started Apex Hub. I feel that everyone wants to look good, so under any circumstances, the industry will always have the potential to do well.”

Despite of Mr Stanley’s intentions are for the good of the public, many people are not willing to entrust in Apex Hub, as they were only aware of foreign facial products, neglecting locally manufactured ones. “To add on to our problems, our formulated facial products are more costly than the foreign ones.” Mr Stanley added on. The hitches were not just confined to the establishment of the branding. “We also faced difficulties training staffs as this was very new, and we are the only one using this form of treatments. There were no workers that possess the experience in what we do as we were the very first.” Mrs Eileen rejoined.

The duo was not ready to relinquish their entrepreneurial venture just yet. Hand in hand, they started eradicating these setbacks one by one. “We began to slowly market our products and allow our customers to try these products which helped them see the effectiveness of our products.” Mr Stanley explicated. “We also trained our workers slowly so that they could adapt to the new implementations.” Miss Eileen continued. Perseverance pulled off, and Apex Hub soon vanquished all restrains impeding its path to success. The advent of success for Apex Hub already arose.

“The only competitors were we, as there aren’t any competition which provides services that we offer. We have to continuously compete with ourselves to continuously compete with ourselves to upgrade and provide new services for the society.” Mr Stanley explained why does Apex Hub differ from the competition. Amelioration it seems is the onus for Apex Hub to do well. “There are no salons treating us as competition, as the services that we provide is one off.” Mrs Eileen said.

Apex Hub’s obsession to enhancements had helped garnered many acquirements to the business. “From something new to an established brand now, our company branding has gone a long way since when we started. We will continuously upgrade ourselves and not just stop here.” Mr Stanley listed one of the achievements obtained throughout the years of Apex Hub’s operations. Mrs Eileen also continued: “To allow Singaporeans to accept a local brand like ours, that is a different challenge that we overcame. To us, it’s also a form of achievement.” Mr Stanley also added on: “Entrepreneurship is to strive hard for a long time and see results for it. The satisfaction you get for holding on can’t be explained using words.”

Mr Stanley proceeded to laud Mrs Eileen: “My wife has been my constant motivation and inspiration. she has been in the beauty industry for a long time. From her experience, she motivated me and guided me all this while. Without her, success will not happen for Apex Hub.” So what does an entrepreneur needs in order to succeed? “Perseverance, the ability to hold on for a long time. Self-motivation, and a vision and good foresight.” Mr Stanley disclosed. Mr Stanley also urged: “There’s no shortcut to success. There’s only one route: hard work.”

The couple was also excited to divulge expansion plans waiting for the future of Apex Hub: “We have brought in an exclusive device that cleanses the face through the use of an oxygenated special solution. This provides a hands-free solution for our customers, so it’s more convenient, hygienic, and more effective.” Mrs Eileen indicated. “Currently we already have 8 branches island wide. We are planning to initiate more branches throughout the whole of Singapore. We have also opened a few ‘skin clinics’, which is manned by certified doctors to treat our customers.” Mr Stanley described some of the expansion plans in the process.

Without doubt, Apex Hub is a company, which will proliferate multifold in the years to come.

Contact Details:
1 Rochor Road #03-560
Rochor Centre S(180001)
T| 6299 0511
F| 6299 0611
E| enquiries@apexhub.com.sg

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