Smart Learners Education Centre Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Ms. Faith Wong

Established in 2003, and subsequently converting into a Private Limited in 2009, Smart Learners Education Centre started out as a tuition agency, but soon changed its focus to providing English language classes for foreign students.

Their English classes will help provide students with the ability to grasp the language, and also to gain the needed qualifications to gain entry into schools.

For foreign students to enter into the public schools in Singapore, they will have to go through a centralized Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) examinations.

“I think that English is a very important language. More importantly, students must be able to see the importance of English as a communicative medium.”

Smart Learners Education Centre provides a myriad of courses, such as English Teacher’s Training Program, primary and secondary school preparatory classes, business English, tuition, homestay services, and many more.

Managing Director Faith Wong says that her company happens to occupy a niche area in the education industry. “We stand out in this industry because we can help students grasp the English language fast, and pass tests,” said Faith.

This is something that will significantly help out those around them, as being able to help is something of the tallest order to Faith. “Education is a platform for life change,” said Faith. She elaborates that knowledge is what empowers individuals.

When asked about her take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, Faith said: “Being in business is not in my family line. I was an MOE teacher, (but) I’ve always wanted to created something that the market wants.” In this case, Faith decided to set up a learning center that specializes in teaching people from all walks of life about the beauties of the English language.

Faith is also passionate about the area of entrepreneurship, she said: “A successful entrepreneur needs courage and tenacity. You can do all the analysis, but no matter what, there is always a risk and the world is always changing. So you need to be fast.”

Passionate about her work, she says that behind every successful business lies a team of dedicated people. She said that her team works hard and is equally passionate about the area of education as herself.

Emphasizing passionately about her work, she says that many of her students left a deep impression on her. She says that she is proud that many of her students are already in university and excelling academically.

This is a vindication for Smart Learners as it stands as proof that their system works and that they are able to produce academically sound students.

This is mainly due to the system employed by the center. Faith explains that they track each individual student’s performance very closely. Some of the ways in which they do so includes having a monthly test and monitoring each student’s attendance.

The school also encourages their students to be proactive as students are able to take part in Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs). They include activities such as badminton, swimming and other sports.

Faith also talks about teaching students about the importance of world issues. For example, she says that students at the center all participate in a one week “Green Campaign” once a year. The campaign aims at teaching students about the importance of the “three Rs” – reduce, reuse and recycle.

Smart Learners inculcate in their students the virtues of being “green” by screening movies about going green and organizing activities for students to decorate the center using only recycled materials.

Needless to say, the center’s fresh approach on education is a refreshing one, and it is coupled with dedication and love for the students that Smart Learners would only continue to achieve more in the coming years.

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BLK 135 Jurong Gateway Road #04-347/357
T| 9145 7123
F| 6527 9927


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