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Ms. Jessica Choo

“We aim to be thought leaders”, said founder Jessico Choo. This is the simple mantra that underscores the entire ethos of Integrated Learning Systems, a corporate training firm.

Beginning her career as a business and management consultant, Jessica learned the trade from the ground up. Her experience as a consultant was a positive one as she found her calling in empowering people by bringing out their fullest potential.

These include corporate training strategies such as, team alignment, team competence, and team growth. These strategies are aimed to empower people with knowledge about their company’s ethos, and to establish a common bond and goal within an entire organization.

Passionate about her profession, Jessica makes it her life’s work to bring out the best in people so that they not only improve as competent workers but also become confident people. It is this very drive to help people attain their best potential that Integrated Learning Systems have managed to constantly deliver good work to their clients.

To Jessica, every single member of the workplace is of equal importance. She said that every member of her team shares the similar passion to help other people achieve their maximum potential.

Revealing insights about her trade, Jessica says that every single company is unique and must be handled on a case-by-case basis. She elaborated that the employees of a given company must align their beliefs with that of the company’s. This will enable a company to be more efficient and productive as everyone within the company can work towards a common goal.

Jessica mentioned that the team at Integrated Learning Systems is united as one and takes their job much like an enthusiast is to his/her hobby. She said: “We talk about work all the time, even during the weekends, but it’s because we take work as a hobby.”

It is no surprise that the company is also active in the area of research and development, as they constantly seek to better themselves. More specifically, Integrated Learning System is focused in the area of leadership development. The company has actually partnered with academics and psychologists to help with their research. This has more than enabled the company to run successful leadership programs for the past fifteen years.

“It’s amazing to see people grow, both professionally, and as an individual”, quipped Jessica. She elaborated that her work allows her to help people progress and realize their potential.

Integrated Learning Systems stands apart in the industry as they focus on the long-term rather than harp on short-term solutions. Specifically, they provide a holistic approach to an entire workplace cultural ethos. Soliciting help from university deans and adult learning psychologists, Integrated Learning Systems have managed to revamp a company’s image and workplace culture.

The company works to inform their client’s employees about workplace culture, and subsequently build on this culture to coincide with their client’s corporate image. Eventually, this will work together in synchronicity to bring about a clearer direction and image to a company’s entire workplace efficiency.

Elaborating more on her company’s approach, Jessica says that it is of utmost importance to have coherence between the image that a company portrays to stakeholders/public and the culture within the staff itself. That, to Jessica, is the vital link that all successful companies embody.

Always with an eye on the horizon, Jessica said that her company would be looking to expand in the near future. “We have the vision to be the benchmark in performance improvement industry and we will always do so with a holistic and scientific approach.”

When asked about her take on entrepreneurship, Jessica said: “We believe in the bigger passion of making an impact, we want to help people change and improve for the better.” Moreover, she mentioned that being a entrepreneur is more than looking for a job, in her own words, it is to “put in your heart and soul”.

“I get inspired everyday while I’m at work, I feel happy to see the people around becoming increasingly competent and recognized”, said Jessica.

Evidently, the company’s ethos is one that highlights and values the importance of helping one another out and bringing out the best in others. That is truly an outstanding workplace culture to have, as they instill in people the value of bonding and camaraderie.

Integrated Learning Systems is obviously a company that prides themselves on bringing the best out of the people around them. The Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award marks another step for the company and signals that there will only be more success for them in the years to come.

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