Decarbonize SG Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Liong Tian Yew

Driving a car allows the driver to experience tremendous sensation and freedom; however, that sensation can easily be taken away by slight malfunctions within the car. That is where Decarbonize comes into the picture.

The decarbonizing process works when pure hydrogen is pumped into a car’s engine. The hydrogen is then used to break up carbon deposits in a car’s chamber, and subsequently, the heat within the car’s combustion chamber will cause the hydrogen to react and form bonds with the carbon, turning into a liquid gaseous state that can then be extracted from the vehicle’s exhaust system.

The after-effects of a good decarbonizing session will see a vehicle rejuvenated and feel brand new. A decarbonized car will be more responsive, fuel saving, and drivers can also experience reduction in vibration while driving.

With an interest in cars as his life-long hobby, Liong Tian Yew set up Decarbonize to fuse passion into work. Tian Yew mentions that his goal at Decarbonize is to ensure that his customers are able to experience the joys of riding in a car that is free of problems and malfunctions. He said, “I like for people to drive cars that feel brand new, after a session, the cars will regain their horsepower and drivers can drive their cars as they were meant to be driven”.

Tian Yew’s Decarbonize currently help car owners by distributing TerraClean products to different workshops. The TerraClean service will improve an automobile’s performance in every aspect. This will allow cars to restore fuel economy, regain vehicle performance, and save on costly repairs as the service prolongs a car’s component life.

On another note, Tian Yew also faced the usual problems faced by many, when he first began his business. For example, he stated the problem of brand awareness as a major obstacle. He said, “At the beginning, we had low brand awareness, as customers have not really heard of us”. Despite that, Tian Yew worked harder than usual in order to show customers that the services offered by Decarbonize are reliable and of a high standard.

When asked about his proudest business achievement, the good-natured Tian Yew said, “I am very proud that my business has grown from a sole-propriety to a private limited”. This success is the result of passion and the ability to persevere in times of adversity.

Offering his take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, Tian Yew confidently said, “It is to come back from failure”. He went on to say that being an entrepreneur is not really about the money, but about being able to overcome challenges, no matter how big they may be. To Tian Yew, the spirit of entrepreneurship represents an individual’s growth in life, as an entrepreneur learns to be courageous and responsible through their ups-and-downs in running a business.

Tian Yew also highlighted that his daily source of inspiration lies in his work at Decarbonize. “My motivation and inspiration is to make Decarbonize more established and famous”, he added. The ability to own his own business is already a dream come true for Tian Yew, as such; he is constantly motivated to work harder to achieve more success with Decarbonize.

“Don’t be lazy, always work hard so that you can put a smile on your customer’s face”, said Tian Yew. Furthermore, he mentioned that hard work is a trait that will keep a person both mentally and physically active, and as such, will only serve to benefit the individual in the long run.

Ultimately, what can be said about Decarbonize is that their upright work ethic has paid off in a big way. However, they have not allowed success to get into their heads, ostensibly, their success is fuel for them to work harder so as to achieve more success in the years to come. Mostly, all of us are waiting in anticipation to see what great things the company has in stored for us.

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1 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A
#06-05 S(568049)
T| 9245 7117


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