Home Design Base

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Annie Tan

Established in 2003, Home Design Base is a holistic interior design company that specializes in space planning, furnishing, decorations, consultancy services and many more.

Founder Annie Tan talked passionately about her business and maintained that she is traditional and sincere with her work.

“We are traditional, we believe in being sincere, that is why we still send out birthday cards to our loyal customers year after year,” said Annie.

Despite her cheerful disposition, she has had a rather rocky path in life. Annie says that her husband actually started his own interior design business in the 1970s, however, that venture was not a success, and he was forced to cease operations.

While that incident may scar someone for a long time, Annie decided to make the best of it – by picking up the pieces and took over where her husband left off in 2003.

Perhaps is it due to the lesson learnt from a failure that Annie decided to work even harder. Many times, failures, rather than success, can be a bigger source of motivation for people.

She said resolutely, “I must continue to work no matter what.” It is this sort of unwavering determination that has led to Home Design Base’s success for more than ten years now.

Annie says that being an entrepreneur also entails a deeper sense of responsibility; she says that it also means that one has to look after the welfare of one’s team. She said: “As a business owner, you need to take care of your workers, as they help your business, it is only correct to give back to them.”

She admits that the industry is getting more and more competitive these days, as there are many more interior design firms on offering.

However, she remains steadfast and hopeful in Home Design Base’s ethos of heritage and commitment to customers. She says that, in the long run, these perennial values will be able to hold on to customers’ hearts.

In addition, Home Design Base is keen to stay ahead of the curve, as they are studying new design styles and implementing it to their work. This is all in a bid to stay contemporary and keep up with modern day consumer choice.

Annie also believes in creating lasting relationships with her customers, and says that not only does she build rapport with customers; she will also be able to make friends and widen her social circle.

Annie also talked about her proudest achievement as an entrepreneur. She says that being able to continue the company by following her own vision and dream is her proudest achievement.

Asked about her take on the meaning of entrepreneurship, Annie reveals that an entrepreneur must be someone who is able to weather the storms and persevere in the face of adversity. She said: “If you go through hardship, and climb back up again, people will respect you more.”

“I would say that I am motivated when I think about my team,” said Annie. She highlights the point that the relationship between entrepreneurs with the staff is one of reciprocity. She said that an entrepreneur must be surrounded by a group of competent people; therefore, it is only right for the entrepreneur to take good care of his/her staff.

“I believe that a successful entrepreneur is someone who is honest and hardworking. Also, a successful entrepreneur is someone who is able to overcome (his/her) fear!” said Annie.

Annie’s story is one that is awe-inspiring and inspirational. It is a story where an individual’s will triumphs over hardships and roadblocks. More importantly it is also a story about a hardworking individual who eventually achieves success. It is no doubt that Home Design Base will continue to forge new paths within the interior design industry for many years to come.

Contact Details:
BLK 305 Woodlands St 31
#01-83 S(730305)
T| 6365 8755
F| 6368 6698
E| contact@homedesignbase.com.sg


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