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Ms. Cynthia Low

With the number of drugs and products manufactured under controlled cleanroom condition on the rise, there is a growing need for proper testing services in ensuring that stringent cleanroom standards are maintained. Founded in 2005, Cleanzones (Singapore) Pte Ltd is one of the four National Environment Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) accredited firms in Singapore that provide cleanroom performance testing and certification services to help companies meet their rigorous cleanroom standards.

As an established cleanroom testing service provider, Cleanzones has served an extensive portfolio of clients ranging from pharmaceutical and electronic industries to hospitals and institutions. Following a set of uniform and systematic criteria for the performance of cleanroom testing and certification, Cleanzones demonstrates a high quality and consistent approach in accordance with international standards.

Miss Cynthia Low, a NEBB certified professional and the project manager of Cleanzones (Singapore) Pte Ltd, has shared that during the early stages of start-up, Cleanzones had encountered several challenges that were commonly faced by most newly start-up companies.

“We were new,” she said. “We do not have the credibility as compared to the more established companies within the field. When we approached new clients, they were doubtful about our capabilities and wondered if we were able to remain in this industry after a few years.”

Nonetheless, Cynthia was confident in bringing Cleanzones to greater heights. She strived on to lead Cleanzones to gain a stable foothold in the industry. Within a few years, Cleanzones gained trust from their clients and established their position in the market as a reliable partner for cleanroom testing. “Through word-of-mouth recommendations, clients recognize us, and they know our capabilities. The quality of our work and service also speaks for itself,” she said.

Over the years, Cleanzones has attained several recognitions and certifications. “2014 was a great year for us, the company has reached a great milestone by achieving the ISO: 9001 certification,” Cynthia added.

Currently, Cleanzones has two NEBB accredited professionals, including Cynthia herself, as well as a NEBB certified technician within their ranks.

Reflecting on Cleanzones’ success, Cynthia believes much of it is down to the structure of their company. “In Cleanzones, we specialize and focus solely on cleanroom testing. And this specialization is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry,” she affirmed.

Through active on-the-job coaching and formal classroom training, Cynthia also fully supports the development of her staff in order to deliver quality services and build trust with their clients.

Good customer service is another important aspect in achieving success. “You have to listen to your customer’s needs. Without them, you will not have your business. Take the time to listen to their requirements and try your best to accommodate them. This applies to your staff as well; you have to cultivate them.”

Looking back on the lessons learnt in the last decade, Cynthia had a few words to share with budding enterprises. “During your journey, there will definitely be a few setbacks, things that discourage you,” she said. “But the key is in how we respond to those setbacks. You must have the drive, the motivation to carry you through.”

With an eye towards the future, Cynthia is looking at the possibility of expanding Cleanzones to other territories. She said, “We will definitely consider moving out to other countries.  We are also looking at gaining accreditation in other field areas such as Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB).”

She added, “These are our plans for the future which we are working concurrently with our existing commitments. For now, we are focused on helping our existing clients and developing the capability of our team.”

With hard work, experience and expertise, Cleanzones has firmly established themselves as a leading company in their industry. Under Cynthia’s capable leadership, Cleanzones hopes to continue in the same rein and bring in continued success for years to come.


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