Fukai Environmental Pte Ltd

Website: www.fukai.com.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Robin Heng

Established in 1986, Fukai Enviromental is a premier landscaping company. They offer a wide array of services, such as the installation of water features, koi ponds, biological filtration system, and many more.

Founder Robin Heng talks about the origins of the company. He said: “I was an engineer before I started Fukai. All along I played music in Chinese orchestra, and I feel that landscaping is very beautiful and artistic!”

With only a passion for what is artistic, Robin decided to set up Fukai. However, he received a rude awakening as the endless tasks of owning a business caught up with him. He mentioned: “At the start, I didn’t know anything at all. I didn’t know anything about the products, and also, I had no funding.”

Needless to mention, Robin faced a steep learning curve, and was forced to learn the ropes quickly. He faced the challenges head on, and decided to read up as much as possible about the landscaping business. He says that reading about the industry has made him even more devoted and passionate about the business as he learnt the intricacies of the trade.

Moreover, he needed to build up Fukai’s brand awareness, and hence, a constant presence at exhibitions and trade shows are necessities. Robin says that he often worked long hours in order to build up his brand; however, he enjoyed every second of it.

Fukai is very clear about their brand philosophy. Robin said: “Our products are made with much thought and care. Most of our designs have themes that reflect their names, such as ‘triple success’ and ‘will infinity’. We see ourselves as giving a blessing to our client!”

Robin says that one of Fukai’s milestones is the ability for his company to make good revenue in 1999. That was around the time where Robin just graduated with a degree in business, and he decided to apply what he learnt into his business. “I used the marketing knowledge that I had learnt in school. We started out doing advertisements on TV and newspapers to build anticipation for an upcoming exhibition. During the exhibition itself, we gave complimentary gifts when a purchase is made,” said Robin. This strategy worked, and Fukai broke the record sales by raking in more than SG$1million in sales.

Additionally, Robin also talks about the essence of entrepreneurship, he said: “I feel it is like destiny. Although, being an entrepreneur, one must always have vision and sense in order to spot an idea and make decisions!”

Putting it in a humorous parable form, Robin said: “I think a person must be a tortoise and rabbit in order to be successful in entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur is one who has the vision of a rabbit, and the mental strength and perseverance of a tortoise.”

This philosophy has more than paid off, as Fukai is a trusted by many high-profile clients. These include the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Airline House, and was also part of many projects sanctioned by Mediacorp.

On top of having a clear ethos, Fukai also represents the fusion of pragmatism and aesthetics. For example, not only are many of their products low on electricity consumption, they are artistically designed and bespoke for every individual clients.

Still going strong after close to thirty years in the industry, it is clear that Fukai has managed to not only provide impeccable service; they have also managed to win the hearts of their clients. With work ethic that is hard to rival, the success of Fukai will not fade easily, as their passion will more than guarantee their continued growth and progress.

Contact Details
Factory Outlet (North Zone)
22 Woodlands Link #01-53/54
Woodlands East Industrial Estate S(159471)

IMM Jurong (West Zone)
2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-124A
IMM Building S(609601)

T| 6755 4755
F| 6754 5144


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