VM Elevator Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. SK Tan

Part of the fabric of a metropolis is its abundance of skyscrapers. They are everywhere, from the places we live in to the places we work in. These breathtaking buildings define the city skyline. However, can you imagine if the elevator were to be “out of order” and you had to get to work on the 50th floor?

Oftentimes, we miss out on a vital portion of our daily lives – the elevator. The elevator is the important factor that actually takes us to our destination. One prominent company that specializes in elevator maintenance is VM Elevator Pte Ltd.

Founded by SK Tan in 2000, the company is an elevator provider and elevator maintenance specialist. Mr. Tan was previously working as a mechanical engineer in a German Multinational Corporation, before deciding to set up his own business.

“I’ve always wanted to run my own business. In fact, I planned this since I was in my twenties!” said Mr. Tan. Such is the emphasis that Mr. Tan has on long-term planning that he actually gained experience as an entrepreneur by helping many of his friends set up their businesses.

It is more than an understatement to suggest that Mr. Tan is an entrepreneur at heart. Despite that, every entrepreneur starting out with a new company will face the problem of a lack of brand awareness. In fact, it took VM Elevator three long years to break even. As such, it is more than important to Mr. Tan that he stays mentally strong and delivers the job to his clients well.

“We had to seize any opportunity before us, and meet customers’ satisfaction,” said Mr. Tan. That was exactly the way in which VM Elevator operates, they are people who will never shy away from work, and deliver their customers’ expectations.

That simple philosophy has been the driving force behind the company, regardless of the circumstance; VM Elevator will always stand for hard work and efficiency.

Mr. Tan is also extremely proud of his office environment; he says that his company has been able to do well even during the labor crunch, as he believes in recognizing employees’ contributions. He said: “We give out long service awards, for example five and ten year long-service award!” In addition, employees are encouraged to bring forth new ideas during morning meetings.

This has created a positive impact on the office, as the team works together towards a common goal.

Talking about his work at VM Elevator, Mr. Tan says that his company differentiates themselves from other competitors by focusing on customer service. He further highlights that his company believes in offering clients with a fixed price with no hidden charges. This reflects that the company is not only honest, but also transparent in their outlook on business.

VM Elevator is wasting no time and is clearly mapping out their future plans. For example, they have since expanded into Myanmar and the Middle East. Mr. Tan says that these are booming markets and there is a demand for elevators, as such, it would be a waste to not make good use of opportunities.

Shedding a more personal angle, Mr. Tan says that many of his friends are now happily retired, while he is still work. Mr. Tan is unfazed, and he said: “Many of my friends ask me why I’m not retired and still working, but I know that I like the work that I’m doing here!”

Passionate about issues on entrepreneurship, Mr. Tan says that a willing entrepreneur must be willing to work hard and put in the hours. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, when asked about his proudest achievements, Mr. Tan said: “I don’t really think about it. I only know that we’re doing well now.”

Never getting complacent or taking anything for granted, VM Elevator has managed to achieve success with both feet on the ground. Their story will no doubt be an inspiration for both potential and veteran entrepreneurs.

Contact Details:
35 Kallang Pudding Road, Tong Lee Building Block A
#03-01 S(349314)
T| 6741 1080
F| 6741 1020


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