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Credit Hub

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Silver Yeo

Beginning their operations in 2010, Credit Hub Capital is a licensed moneylending company that is located in Fortune Centre.

Having had a successful career in insurance and property, Silver decided to try her hand at the licensed moneylending industry after hearing about the idea through a friend. “Initially, I was curious about the mechanics of the industry, and as I learned more, I became confident that I can set up (business),” says Silver.

Guided by only her dream, she started Credit Hub. Nevertheless, the road of entrepreneurship is never an easy one. Silver says that she faced many difficulties in gaining a solid customer base as people have hardly heard of her company. With a goal in mind, she decided to make use of directories in order to gain brand awareness for Credit Hub.

“To market ourselves to the public is what will move us to level one – where customers will know of our company,” said Silver. Her efforts had obviously paid off, as not only has her company brought in more customers; they have hit their three-year mark.

Asked about the secret to her success, Silver said: “We stress the importance of etiquette and presentation, our staff are always polite and informative!” This approach has created a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers, and many of them referred their friends to Credit Hub.

Remaining humble, Silver says that regardless of the success so far, there is still much room for improvement. The main goal in her professional life is to work as hard as possible to continue building Credit Hub’s name among customers.

Passionate about the issue of entrepreneurship, Silver says that one must always be willing to follow one’s dream and work hard. “In the world of business, when there is no risk, this is no gain,” quipped Silver. Certainly, she advocates people taking calculated risks in order to achieve their dreams. This is because entrepreneurship is a challenge and with or without success, it is hugely rewarding for those who try.

Silver also sheds light on her main source of motivation and inspiration, she said: “My family inspires me a lot, also, I would say that I am self-motivated and will work to achieve my goals.”

She says that the vast amount of rules and regulations surrounding the licensed moneylending industry is something she welcomes with open arms. She says that the rules are there in order as it makes this industry more credible. By following the rules, companies can in turns prove to customers that they are reliable and trustworthy.

In addition, Silver mentions that strict regulations also help the system weed out possible black sheep. She says that the usual stigmatization of the licensed moneylending industry has led the entire industry to suffer from bad press. Hopefully the government’s implementations will help this industry gain a sense of authenticity.

Talking about the traits of successful entrepreneurs, Silver says that it is difficult to pick out a few traits, but if she were to say, she would most definitely point out that successful people usually possess civility and basic wisdom. She says that the importance of civility must be highlighted, as an individual who seeks to find success in any area of life must be able to do so with a sense of grace and compassion. As for basic wisdom, she stresses that an individual who practices basic wisdom will be pragmatic and only take calculated risks.

Undoubtedly, Credit Hub is like a breathe of fresh air within the industry with their approach to business. It is also with this very reason that they have won over the hearts of their customers and will continue to grow in the near future.

Contact Details
190 Middle Road #10-01
Fortune Centre S(188979)
T| 6338 5115
F| 63387 0552


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