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Mr. Brendon Koo

With the standard of living rising in Singapore, more and more Singaporeans are willing to spend on beautifying their living conditions. As a result, the interior design industry has been booming over the past decade, with little signs of slowing down. But for those who seeks a convenient one-stop solution to their renovation and interior design needs, they should look no further than Bren’terior Pte Ltd.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Brendon Koo, Bren’terior is a multidisciplinary design collaborative, made up of a team of creative and skilled professional designers. Specializing in all aspects of interior design and build, Bren’terior provides a wide range of services, including but not limited to, interior design consultation, site management, custom made furniture, home space planning and more.

Since their establishment, Bren’terior has serviced a wide variety of clients, ranging from commercial buildings and offices, hotels, residential spaces, as well as government premises. These includes locations such as the Comfort Delgro reporting centre, the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more. With good praise and comments from their various clients, Bren’terior has proven themselves to be a reliable and professional service provider in the interior design and construction industry.

For Brendon, Bren’terior is a culmination of many years of reflection on how his design career should go. “Seven years ago, when I first graduated, I worked in an interior design company. While I was there, I became familiar with how things work in the industry. However, I realized that I should touch base with the basics. Therefore, I went into teaching instead.”

“During that time, I managed a group of students, and while I taught them, they also taught me how to handle stuff, how to give back as well. I like giving, and I decided that the only way to have lots of input in what I do, is to start my own business, rather than back to working for someone else.” With that thought, Brendon established Bren’terior in 2010.

As with all new businesses, the initial period was the toughest one. And it was similar for Brendon as well. “At the start, there was only me and two other colleagues, and we did not have much cash on hand. Many of our potential clients doubted our abilities as well, especially since there are bigger, more experience design companies our there.”

“Initially, we only offered consultancy services, but as we grew, we managed to build up some capital, which allowed us to go into building services as well. The profit allowed us to grow as well, and instead of subletting a space like before, now we have our own office to work in. It was a huge improvement from where we started.”

Although Bren’terior is new as a company, Brendon is confident that the company is comparable in other ways. “Although we lack in age, we make up through services. Our company direction is focused on being service-oriented, and we make sure that all clients’ needs are taken care of. We make sure what we promised is always delivered. We want to build up happy working relationships with our clients, and some of our clients are long-term customers.”

Having achieved success from nearly nothing, Brendon can now be considered a seasoned entrepreneur, and he shares with us some lessons he has learnt during his journey so far. “Everyone went to school, and they studied a specific trade, to do different things when they graduate. But in terms of being an entrepreneur, it is not about that, not just about learning the trade. They have to be a salesman, and sell their company’s ideas to their clients.”

“To achieve success, one therefore has to adapt to their situations, and to manage these situations through observation and learning from different sources. You also have to take calculated risks, ones that will not affect your family. The goal is to improve upon what they had before.”

“Entrepreneurs should learn to have a thick skin as well, and not to be shy. Others have to know of your ability through your selling. Because if you don’t know how to sell, then nothing will happen with your company.”

“If you are an entrepreneur, you are a leader. People will be waiting for instructions from you, they have trust in you, and they are willing to work together with you. Command and lead them.”

With an eye toward the future, Brendon is eager for Bren’terior to continue their journey to success. “I want to make sure that our company doesn’t stop growing. For example, if my staff is able to lead a team, I will definitely let them do so. We will also continuously seek to upgrade our safety standards, which include getting the ISO accreditations. Also, right now, we are at BCA Grade L1, but in the coming years, we hope to achieve L5 someday.”

Although Bren’terior has only been in existence for a few years, their expertise and service has prominently established the company in the competitive interior design and build industry. Under Brendon’s leadership, there is no doubt that further success awaits the company in the near future.

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