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Ms. Connie Sim

With the Singapore economy remaining competitive in recent years, more and more companies are expanding or being established. In turn, these companies need capable manpower to fill the new jobs that are being created. Should companies need a capable and experienced team to help them source for employment options, they should look no further than Prestige Management Services, a manpower agency with many years of experience in the industry.

Established in February 1989 by Ms. Connie Sim, Prestige is an international manpower agency based in Singapore, providing highly skilled workers from the Philippines and other countries to meet the manpower needs of their clients. Their clients include employers seeking manpower solutions, or clients who are looking to hire foreign domestic maids. Candidates are also invited to apply with Prestige, allowing the agency to link them up with companies and individuals, thus providing a partnership that will greatly benefit both parties.

By successfully linking up foreign professionals and workers with job opportunities in Singapore, Prestige’s objective is to improve the economic status of such individuals who have the desire and preference for overseas opportunities. Committed to professional service delivery and ethical business practices, Prestige’s team is made up of highly qualified staff, dedicated to providing manpower solutions to meet the demands of their clients.

For Connie, the reason to establish her own manpower agency is rooted in her life experiences. “Before I started Prestige, I was in the accounting field, and I worked in a maid agency. During my time there, I witnessed many maids who were put with unsuitable employers as the matching process the agency used was not properly scrutinized. In the end, both sides were unhappy. That’s when I decided to start my own agency, to ensure that under my care, both employee and employer would be happy with each other. I wanted to play a part in this industry, and to provide a livelihood for these workers.”

Starting out on her own with Prestige Management Services, Connie felt that there was plenty to learn. “I felt that we really needed to understand the emotion feelings of a foreign professional or worker. These people, they have many things to cope with; they are homesick, and they are trying their best to understand their employer’s accents and their expectations. A brand new maid needs at least six months to settle into the environment. That’s why we need to take the maids’ side, and help them out the best we can.”

“To help them, we need to cultivate the correct attitude. I feel that attitude is important in all walks of human life. If you have the right attitude, you would be successful in any job. Therefore, we must, in the course of orientation, assess all angles and situations that may happen in the household during day to day life, and prepare both sides on what they can expect.”

To ensure that what she witnessed in her previous tenure with her maid agency does not occur in her own company, Connie has implemented various measures in place, measures which has distinguished Prestige from other agencies in the same industry. “Our matching process includes pairing our employer’s expectation and with maids who are experienced enough to meet it. It has produced good results so far and I am satisfied with that. I also wanted to make Prestige a family-oriented organization. My employees are allowed to bring their children to the workplace, because I want to create a family environment here as much as possible.”

With twenty-five years of experience under the belt, Connie knows well the elements that need to be in place before success arrives. “You need to be very honest to your clientele, that whatever you say must be delivered accordingly. Thus, the service of your staff members are equally important, because they are a representation of your company, and therefore need to be well-trained.” She then added, “I feel that, if an entrepreneur handle their services in a professional and reliable manner, and are clear to their employees what is expected of them, many of the typical problems entrepreneurs face can be easily avoided.”

Looking ahead, Connie tells us of her plans for the company’s future. “We already have offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia. Soon, we would like to set up an office in Cambodia. Right now, we are only one of six agencies Singapore to bring in Cambodian employees, so it would be good if we can establish our presence there.”

With their track record, it is not difficult to understand their rise to prominence in the competitive industry. Under the continued capable leadership of Connie, and with a well thought out plan for the future, there is not a doubt that Prestige Management Service will continue to be at the forefront of the industry for years to come.

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