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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Joseph Ng
Mr. Edmund Lim

There was a time not so long ago, when glass was a precious material, and only the wealthiest families had glass on their windows. Fast-forward a few hundred years later, and glass windows are a staple feature in a building or a home. Today, glass windows being such a predominant feature in structures, the technology that goes into ensuring its safety is also advanced, providing a peace of mind to its inhabitants.

ArmorShield Marketing (S) Pte Ltd is a company that specializes in building materials such as solar film, safety films, as well as glass panels. However, what they are most known for is their ArmorShield safety film, which, when applied to any glass, prevents it from shattering and fragmenting.

With the ArmorShield, injuries by glass fragments are eliminated, harmful UV rays are kept, and it enhances security as well, preventing forcible entry by outside intruders. On top of that, it also improves on the appearance of building using the films, and its competitive pricing makes installing the film a cost-effective choice.

Established in 1985, ArmorShield Marketing was the pioneer company that introduced the safety and security film to the building and construction company in the Asia Pacific region. With over 1500 project references in the past 29 years, they are one of the most reputable names in their industry.

In 2011, two representatives from Itron Pte Ltd, Mr. Joseph Ng and Mr. Edmund Lim took over the company, and they have since helmed the company till today. Joseph elaborates on why ArmorShield Marketing was chosen by his parent company. “At that time, our company (Itron) was interested in diversification. We felt that ArmorShield Marketing is a very reputable company with many years of history, and they have built up a lot of goodwill during these years. And the things they specialize in are still very relevant today.”

However, being new to the industry, both Joseph and Edmund faced certain challenges when it comes to managing ArmorShield. “We came from a non building and construction background, so the process of familiarization took some time. But in time, we learnt much on the job, and we came to appreciate the product more. And as we get in touch and work with the architects, builders, and designers, we learn how we can provide value for both theirs and our work.”

Since then, ArmorShield has been able to service quite a number of high profile clients, including retrofits for condos under the Far East Organization, installation of bomb-blast protection film at the Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as installation of their products at Health Promotion Board. In addition, ArmorShield has provided their services and products to a large number of public buildings as well, including prominent icons such as NTUC Supermarkets, Suntec City, the CPF Building, National Museum, and major hospitals such as Singapore General Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre, and more.

Having gathered some experience as entrepreneurs during their time at ArmorShield, Joseph shares with us what entrepreneurship means to him. He said, “All of it comes down to service. Service really counts. You need to provide real value to your clients, and be responsive to their requests. We always make a point to inculcate this value to our staff.”

“Being an entrepreneur, there are many distractions along the way. What I can do is to focus on my own input, and have clarity in all my decisions, to know which direction we are heading in. A good team will also help as well. Without a team, we cannot function. We need to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to move forward together. We were lucky enough to have a good team alongside us.”

Having established a strong foothold in the Singaporean market, the founders hope to expand overseas in the next few years. “The building industry here has stagnated over the years, and I don’t foresee much growth. We definitely plan to bring ArmorShield Marketing out of Singapore, to countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam. But Singapore will remain as our main base of operations, which will allow us to manage the different operations.”

With strong local presence, long history, and technologically advanced products, ArmorShield Marketing has established themselves as a prominent Singaporean company capable of delivering quality and reliable services and products to their clients. Under the leadership of Joseph and Edmund, there is no doubt that they will continue to deliver only the best in their business.

Contact Details
7 Yishun Industrial Street 1
#02-45 North Spring Bizhub
Singapore 768162
T| 6222 9230
F| 6222 0059


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