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Mr. Philip Lee

With the advancement of security technology, no longer does a company need to post a guard at their main entrance. With Kingdom Systems Technology, all they would need are some CCTV cameras, and a reliable access control system, and all important company information would be kept safe from intruders.

Established in 1992, Kingdom Systems Technology specializes in providing technological solutions to commercial companies, factories, and banks. These include hardware and software solutions for corporates and individuals such as CCTV, access control, intrusion alarm technology, and SMS monitoring systems in hospitals and clinics.

In 2009, current Director Mr. Philip Lee took over the reins of Kingdom Systems, and here he explains his history with the company. “Previously, it was my friend’s company, and I also helped him to think of the company name. My friend then decided to retire, and he asked me to take over. As I’ve had twenty-five years of experience at CISCO, doing similar projects and solutions as now, I decided to take up his offer.”

However, by shifting the company focus toward the security industry, that meant starting anew with the company, who previously worked in the electrical and trading line. Philip said, “We were considered a new company; we did not have much credibility, not much confidence, and not much clients. All we had were previous project references I had done.”

To succeed, Philip knew the company’s focus has to be on their offerings. “We decided to place emphasis on our services and solutions, to meet our client’s needs as best as we can. This means providing a customized service to our clients, products and software tailored to their needs.”

In addition, Philip was adamant that Kingdom Systems Technology achieves the necessary certifications to open doors on future project opportunities. “To bid for government projects, you need to have attained the Bizsafe Level 3, and Kingdom Systems is now qualified to do so. We are also BCA (Building Central Authority) registered, and we also have the project references we did not have when we first started.”

Today, Kingdom Systems Technology has amassed an impressive track record, with many years of project references illuminating their history. They have worked on locations of prominent government departments and international organizations such as the CIMB Bank, the Sony Service Centre, Amara Sanctuary Sentosa, as well as Flextronics International on their Singapore and Malaysia offices.

However, what Philip considers his proudest company achievement is far humbler than his illustrious track record. “We started from zero, and now, we can be considered a prominent company. We were now capable to handle many different projects, from Hari Raya events at Geylang Senai to working on the Police Command Centre, using new wireless technology we have acquired. For me, I’m very proud of that fact.”

Now an entrepreneur for five years, Philip has gained much wisdom along his journey, and he shares some of that with us. “One of the most important lessons I learnt was to learn how to communicate with our clients. Along the way, we understand their needs, and help them develop their concepts, which will improve their productivity and quality.”

“To do that, sincerity and credibility needs to be present as well. When something is purchased from you, you must take responsibility, and to provide the necessary after-care services if your products present any problems.”

Having attained much success in the five years he was in charge, Philip is intent on achieving even more with Kingdom Systems Technology. “We will constantly bring in new technology, and we are collaborating with a software company which will bring us new software as well. One of the new technologies we are currently developing is access control for foreign worker dormitories, which will allow records and dormitory layouts to be accessible.”

“We are also looking to expand to overseas markets like Malaysia and Indonesia. Right now, the Singaporean market is quite saturated, and there’s not much demand here. Therefore, we will also look elsewhere in the future.”

With now a prominent presence in the security industry, Kingdom Systems Technology is well on track to develop into the industry leader in the years to come. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the security line, Philip is indeed the perfect candidate to take Kingdom Systems Technology into a brighter future ahead.

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