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Mr. T K Cheung

Established in 2003 by Mr. T K Cheung, Arcadia Engineering Services Pte Ltd is an engineering company mainly specializing in the production and sale of equipment and parts for wafer fabrication. The three main business segments of Arcadia Engineering lies in mechanical fabrication, parts and repair, as well as SEZ and equipment projects. With a reputable brand known internationally for their superior technology and quality, Arcadia Engineering has built up an impressive industry track record over the past decade.

Having had previous experience working in wafer factories, the wafer fabrication industry is not something new to Mr. Cheung at all. However, as an employee previously, Mr. Cheung felt keenly that he could achieve much more. As he puts it, “For good or bad, you are the one in control of your destiny”, Mr. Cheung decided to put his expertise to good use, and established Arcadia Engineering Services.

Starting from zero, Mr. Cheung faced much difficulty in building the company up from the ground. He shared, “By starting from zero, there were no customers, no orders, nothing. Basically it took us about nine months to even have some results. I just had to rely on what we have, and persevere on. I believed in patience, no matter how bad things may seem.”

“It took us about one and a half years, from a team of only three to four guys, to achieve some results. And as time goes by, and as we move into the second phrase of the company’s growth, these guys have become the leaders of teams, to manage them and their work, and they are no longer the guys to do hands-on stuff.”

Along the way, Mr. Cheung made sure that Arcadia Engineering Services always stays on top of their game when it comes to new trends in the industry. “Definitely there will be changes in market trends, and therefore it is important to learn new skills as they change. There are competitors in here, and other countries like Taiwan, Korea, and China. We just have to adjust, and made sense of our competition.”

To make sure they stay head and shoulders ahead of their competition, Mr. Cheung firmly focused the company’s sights on technology and quality. He said, “We are focused on providing long term solutions as well as after sales service. We have to prove that we are here for the long haul, and therefore our quality, technology, and solutions have to be better than others.”

Now with over ten years of experience in the wafer fabrication business, Mr. Cheung is full of pride for the solid foundation Arcadia Engineering Services has been built on. “From nothing, we have built up the company into a business that can sustain in the long run. It is a culmination of my vision, the vision of what an engineering company should be, and can be run.”

Looking back upon his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Cheung felt like he has learnt much along the way. He said, “One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is to always be humble, and continue to learn. It truly never ends. You have to continuously learn and improve yourself, because if you don’t, there will always be other guys who are hungrier, who are more motivated, and they will surpass you.”

In addition, Mr. Cheung also believes in a through examination of individual characteristics and ideas. “For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need to have a vision of what they want to do. They need to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Then, they need to focus on their strength, and make it an advantage as much as possible. For the weaknesses, while they will never be good at it, they need to try their hardest to make it less of a liability.”

Looking ahead to the future, Mr. Cheung already has existing plans to bring Arcadia Engineering Services onward to the next level. “We are working on a new equipment, which is for power devices used in the transportation industry, where it will be used in power generation in high-speed trains. We are looking to sell this product internationally, so that should be our focus for the next few years.”

With their superior technology, products, and services, Arcadia Engineering Services has firmly established themselves as the frontrunner in the wafer engineering industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Cheung, who has led the company to much success from zero, there can only be more success awaiting Arcadia Engineering Services in the near future.

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