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Teck TattName of Recipient:
Mr. Martin Goh

With more than thirty years of experience in the carpentry industry, Teck Tatt Furniture has long been a mainstay in the homes and offices of Singapore. Designed and created under their roof, Teck Tatt Furniture has made cabinets, tv consoles, work and study tables, feature walls, and more for residential, industrial, and commercial clients. The company has also made forays into the construction industry, now providing services such as mechanical and electric works, construction and A-A works.

Recently bought over by new management in September this year, Teck Tatt Furniture is now under the care of Mr. Martin Goh, a young entrepreneur who is making the utmost effort to carry on the legacy of the company. Speaking of his entrepreneurial experience so far, Martin confesses that it has not been an easy journey.

“Establishing a startup is not that easy, and I’m trying my best to build it up. The initial period is quite stressful, and I’m learning to manage all aspects of the company by myself. I have to think about the company finances, supplies, and the workers. Also, I’m quite new to this industry, so I’m learning how to work the machines we have as well, in order to have a hands-on role in the company. I’m still young, and I only recently came out from my father’s company. I would need to get out, to get to know more people, and build up my client base.”

To gain an advantage in the industry over their competitors, Martin knows that Teck Tatt Furniture has to provide superior offerings in the industry. He said, “Our Company’s focus is on the quality of our products and services. Although others may price their things cheaply, I believe that quality matters. The workmanship makes all the difference.”

He then further added, “The PR (public relations) with the clients is important as well. In all businesses, everything relies on trust. We need to put in much effort for the clients to foster the trust in us.”

During times where things get difficult, Martin looks to his father, Mr. Patrick Goh, for inspiration. An entrepreneur who also started out from little, Martin hopes to emulate the success his father enjoyed, “I used to work under my father in his company. My Dad, he has always been doing it by himself, and he has sustained his business for so long. He is much more experienced, and dares to try out new things. I would often ask for his advice when I encounter unfamiliar things at work.

Within the last few months, Martin has learnt much in his entrepreneurial journey, and he candidly discusses with us his experience. “Before, I thought being a boss meant simply passing orders to your employees. But being a boss now myself, it is much more intensive than that. Now I find myself planning ahead of what my guys should do, and taking a very hands-on role in my business.”

“Usually, every night I would plan for what we would do the next day. And as our company is allied with my father’s company, we would all meet together for a group meeting.” Martin then further emphasized, “Really, plan before you do anything. When I took over, I did not even have the time to do that, but I am continuing to learn how to plan better.”

With many long years of service illuminating their history, Teck Tatt Furniture is entering a new era; one where youth and experience merges to create a new direction and vision for the company. Under Martin’s fledging yet promising leadership, there is no doubt that he will lead them to achieve much success in the future.

Contact Details
13 Kaki Bukit Road 4
#01-25 Bartley Bizhub
Singapore 417807
T| 8511 3315
E| martin@tecktattfurniture.com.sg


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