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Revez MotionNames of Recipients:
Mr. Lawrence Lim 
Mr. Victor Neo
Mr. Wayne Lee

In today’s technologically abundant world, the most influential people and products are made of simple ideas, ones that revolutionize the way people think and do things. Take Facebook, or the iPhone for example, which have totally overhauled the way interactions happen in the real world. The thing is, although anyone can think of an idea, not everyone can activate and make ideas work in reality. For those seeking advice on how to activate their technological ideas, Revez Motion Pte Ltd may just be the solution.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Lawrence Lim, Mr. Victor Neo, and Mr. Wayne Lee, Revez Motion brings impossible to reality. It specializes in technology integration and activation, creating real personalization immersive digital experience involving AR screens, touch screen technology, sensor technology, 3D interactive and more. Marrying creative design, software and hardware solutions, Revez Motion can be considered the “fusion” between them.

With Revez Motion carving out a unique industry for themselves, the co-Founders notes that there is no simple, cookie-cutter solution for their clients. “In our projects, we tailor solutions to our customers’ needs. We have the expertise, and our team is capable of developing the software to compliment them. We will listen and advise our clients on the technology depending on the direction they are hoping for

Back in 2010, the co-founders recognized that technology would soon be a prominent tool in the market, especially for companies looking to be the leading company in the market. Armed with sufficient capabilities from business-minded, good operational planning, and technical experience in media, firmware, software and hardware, the three founders established Revez Motion Pte Ltd.

However, with the unique specializations of Revez Motion, it took a little while to get things off the ground. Lawrence said, “We started off with a small team, but there were a lot of factors at play. We need the continued efforts in building our team specialized capablities. It takes awhile to groom an interactive team.”

“Also, while we hold a number of solutions, we have no clients to utilize them. However, this changed when we started to get a few clients. One of our very first project includes a Kiosk project at Raffles City Shopping Mall, where you can have a live conference call from kiosk located at different level of the mall to the conceirge counter in the mall. It was the first to be launched in Singapore.”

With their first project launched successfully, soon more and more projects started rolling in for Revez Motion. Today, the client list for Revez Motion includes prominent names such as Johnnie Walker, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, and more globally recognised companies.

With their achievements, the founders attribute much of their success to their team, who is able to develop in-house solutions. Lawrence said, “Digital and activation are two important growth areas for the group as more clients are seeking for marketing communication solutions beyond advertising. This makes our company unique in the way, as with the fusion of creative and technology, our team is able to provide shorter project turnover time. Lower risk, lower costs. Not forgetting better advising for our clients.”

To Lawrence, team effort is what entrepreneurship is all about. He said, “It is an understanding of each other, a fusion of minds, it takes different brains to work together to form a goal.”

When asked on what advice he is able to give to entrepreneurs, Lawrence said, “If they want to do something, don’t think too much. If they take too long, the opportunity might be gone. Even if people do not like it, try it; it might be the best idea.”

With an eye toward the future, the founders already have an idea of how Revez Motion will expand next into overseas markets.

With the abundance of technology in our everyday lives, the demand for technology based advertising and marketing is only set to go higher in the near future. With their established position in the industry, Revez Motion is well poised to meet this demand, with the promise to deliver quality and effective tech solutions for their clients. No doubt, the brightest years of their history are still ahead of them yet.

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