Reddot Studio Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Bernard Teo

“If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, then a video should be priceless. As a video is clearer in delivering a message to the viewer,” said Reddot Studio’s founder, Bernard Teo.

That is the message that Reddot Studio hopes to spread to the public. It is that their craft in cinematography will ensure that clients will be able to record down important moments in the moving picture format.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Bernard shared about the origins of Reddot Studio. Bernard says that shooting videos for people started out as a hobby when he was studying for his diploma course.

“At the beginning, I was not paid. Instead, I asked for camera batteries or other camera related products as ‘payment’,” reminisces Bernard. However, at the time, Bernard was also involved with his other hobby, music. It is worthwhile to note that he was in a band that played Mandopop and was actually signed to a label, and the band also toured Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In the intervening years, Bernard has worked with Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), and gained experience and much favorable reviews for his work.

All this while, his passion for shooting videos remained strong, and he soon decided to begin his own film and audio production business in 2005. During that time, he shared an office with his close friend and operated as a “one man show”. He was in charge of administrative issues as well as the actual cinematography work.

Asked about his personal philosophy in work and in life, Bernard thought deeply and said: “In life, the three most important things are birth, wedding, and death. For me, I believe that by doing wedding videos and photography, I could give people something important to keep and treasure for the rest of their lives.”

Bernard is constantly looking ahead to the future, which is the main reason why he set up SoBig, a film and audio production business marketed towards corporate clients.

Interestingly, Bernard says that he cherishes the fact that there are many film and audio production companies in the industry. He says that this is the nature of business, and on top of that, this allows consumers the choice to choose.

Asked about his proudest achievement, Bernard says that it is his great privilege to be able to work with a team of capable people. He said: “I’m happy that I can work with a good team. By working with a good team, I am able to interact with like minded people, and learn from them!”

Bernard adds that the constant exchanging of ideas has allow Reddot Studio the opportunity to improve and grow, as there are always new and innovative ideas brought up during meetings.

“Entrepreneurship is all about taking the first step, it is quite pointless to just keep thinking of ideas, when (you) don’t step out,” quipped Bernard. Furthermore, an entrepreneur must also be ready to put in the hours into their work and work passionately and feverishly.

Evidently, Bernard is very passionate about cinematography and entrepreneurship. He believes in the craft of cinematography, as it gives permanence and posterity to key events in a person’s life. In addition, he also champions the cause for entrepreneurship, and believes that, to be able to use the hallowed word – entrepreneurism – one must not only have an idea, but must also have the tenacity and stamina to follow through with the idea.

Success itself is certainly the result of much hard work, but for Reddot, the ability to do something they love is a blessing. This is more than evident in their work for clients, as each piece is a labor of love. Continuing in this vein, it would not be long before Reddot Studio leaves an indelible footprint on the film and audio production industry in Singapore.

Contact Details:
65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre
#36-08 S(049513)
T| 8332 3324


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