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Ms. Rachel Ng

“I started this business due to my own health problem,” said founder Rachel Ng. She recounted her past as a sickly individual who was constantly in need of western medication to alleviate her problems. Rachel mentions that she used to suffer from health issues such as severe heart palpitation, hormonal disorder, and immunity related ailments.

At one point in time, she weighed a mere 43kg. Being a regular in clinics and hospitals, Rachel was shocked when one of her doctors refused to prescribe any more antibiotics for her, as she had “exceeded (her) quota”.

That sent a her wake-up call and marked a major turning point for Rachel, as she realized that western medication could not help her any longer, and she had to seek alternatives in order for her to lead a healthy life.

Fortunately for her, that was the time where she found that Cordyceps Stroma cultivated within a laboratory setting could hugely improve her health. “I realized that it is not only more affordable, the level of active composition of well-cultivated cordyceps is much higher than most mass-market wild cordyceps!”

The decision to incorporate Cordyceps Stroma into her life paid off, and Rachel’s health gradually improved. She said: “This ingredient helped me turn around my health, so I decided to return to Singapore and launch the product here.”

Despite her dreams to set up a business to improve the health of others, she faced much difficulties starting up at the beginning. “I was an ex-banker in Hong Kong with no background in the health industry and had no contacts in Singapore. I had to set up an office, build a team, establish distribution channels, and invest in substantial marketing and branding efforts” said Rachel. She added that she often had to work long hours during the initial stages, but she never once thought of giving up.

Finally, her hard work paid off, as her products were well received by both customers and buyers. In fact, according to Rachel, the Cordyceps Stroma was so well regarded that “existing players brought in inferior quality cultivated Cordyceps to compete with her company’s products.”

Rachel also talked about major issues faced by her company at the moment. She says that there is a bigger incentive for her to reward her employees and take care of their emotional well-being. The main reason is due to the fact that it will be largely improbable to automate a business in a knowledge-based business, such as Lifestream.

Since the founding of the company, Lifestream has always pledged themselves on bringing in “high quality, premium products that can genuinely address the concerns of the customers”. Rachel goes on to say although their products are not priced at mass-market range, their customers have long known that they can always expect the best value for their products’ superior quality.

This business model has obviously worked well for Lifestream as evident by the numerous award-winning products with NTUC Unity, Watsons, and Guardian, including the prestigious Top Best Selling Brand at NTUC Unity pharmacies and several Consumers’ Choice Awards from leading magazines. Rachel said: “These awards serve as a testament to the quality of our products and the efforts put behind them in delivering the best to our consumers. Our vision care supplement, AFC Ultimate Vision, is Singapore’s Best Selling eye supplement in Guardian, Unity, and Watsons. As for our flagship Cordyceps Stroma supplement – it has been the market leader for several years running!”

Lifestream Group is also well received by experts alike. Their products and her company’s achievement were mentioned in several books, including a book by Dr. Georges Halpern, a distinguished professor, medical doctor, and renowned mycologist.

However, Rachel says that all the accolades cannot rival the ability to change a person’s health for the better. “My proudest achievement is seeing critically ill and chronically unwell patients turn around their health. It makes it all worthwhile!”

Rachel recounted an event where an 85-year-old lady, with severe heart problems, went on to live for another 10 years, even when she was told she was too old to use a pacemaker. “Doctors told her that her health doesn’t allow her the opportunity to use a pacemaker, so she came to us, and by taking our Cordyceps Stroma, she went on to live for another ten healthy years!” Rachel recalled.

When asked the secrets to her success, Rachel says that in addition to her unwavering belief and passion in her works, staying levelheaded, having good soft skills, respecting others and keeping promises are important factors as well. In addition, she said: “I am also very blessed to have a supportive husband, who is my mentor and best friend.”

Finally, Rachel ends off by saying that a person must always take ownership for his/her decision, be humble and compassionate towards others. These are values that act as the ethos of the company since the beginning. It seems that their foundations were already strong to start with, and it has certainly surprised no one to see Lifestream Group being the trailblazers that they are today.

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