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Mr. Allson Lim

Established in 2011, Ashtron Global Pte Ltd is a company that specialises in providing corrosion control and pipe repair solutions to process industry in Singapore, and Malaysia. These include industries like oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, waste water, marine and storage terminals industries, and many more.

Ashtron Global are proud to be the “Exclusive Distributor” for supply and services of the complete anti-corrosion system with brand of “Trenton”, manufactured by the Trenton Corporation, USA, in Singapore, Malaysia, and authorised distributor in Indonesia. The wax-tape system is an effective, long-lasting anticorrosion system for the toughest environments, which is very suitable for south east asia four seasons weather (hot, very hot, raining, heavy rain season).

In addition, they also hold the distributorship from Clock Spring Company UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of composite repair products and services in Singapore. Clock Spring technology has become a well-known reinforcement system used on pipeline repairs for hoop stress reinforcement, which is well documented and used throughout the world as an approved permanent repair in over 75 countries.

The founder of Ashtron Global (Allson Lim and partners). Allson is a young and energetic individual who graduated from University of Tasmania, Australia, having majored in Business Management. Allson says that he has always inspired by his entrepreneur father, and brothers who run whole sales business in Malaysia. His family is always encouraging Allson, who working in Singapore, to always look for, and seize opportunities.

After 7 years of working in the marine indusry, Allson has gained from his experience in different working function like purchase, sales, logistic, inventory management and social networking etc. These usual experiences and network have provided fundamental structures when he eventually set up his own company.

With the full support from Trenton Regional Distributor (High-Co Internation, Hong Kong Mr. William Wu), Allson set up Ashtron Global with partners in 2011, mainly for sales and service of Trenton wax-tape system in Singapore and Malaysia, and other service like dynamic balancing, pump overhaul service.

In 2013, Ashtron Global were appointed by Clock Spring Company (UK/ USA) for the sales and installation of Clock Spring Pipe repair product in Singapore.

Allson is certified as a NACE Coating Inspector, being member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineer) and CAS (Corrosion Association of Singapore), both associations have provided technical support related to corrosion issue and case study.

Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical reaction with their environment. According to NACE study, the total cost of corrosion in the US exceeds $1 trillion in 2013, which about 3.1% of its GDP. Corrosion can be control and prevented in different manners, which include, metal selection, corrosion inhibitor, cathodic protection, coating etc.

“We are functioning in a niche market, and so we need to pick out the products of the best quality that suitable for the weather environment in South East Asia, obviously Trenton wax-tape system and Clock Spring composite repair are one of higher quality product suitable for this market,” says Allson.

However, Ashtron Global is not immune to the labour crunch in Singapore. Allson said: “We have to work to combat labour crunch, we have to sub-contract to others when customers need installation services from us.” This shows the adaptability of Ashtron, as they are able to still provide their customers with holistic services even during a period of labour crunch.

When asked about how Ashtron Global differentiates themselves from their competitors, Allson said: “The products that we bring in are better products, they are easy to install, enviromental friendly, and with strong UV resistant. These products will provide long-term protection, maintenance free, and save cost and it help our customers to solve the corrosion problems”

In addition, Ashtron Global also provides training services for their customers. In this scenario, after setting up the various systems, an employee from Ashtron Global will then help train up a few members of the staff in order for that company to have in-house assistance as and when it is possible.

Allson has strategy plans for the future as his business operations stretches to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a good sign for Ashtron, as they show no signs of fatigue, but instead, desire to continue to explore future possibilities.

“I’m very proud that I have BizSafe and ISO certifications, it is important to have those in this industry. Also, I’m proud that customers are happy with us!” says Allson. These certifications not only prove that Ashtron is a company that is reliably certified, it also proves that Allson and his team have worked hard in order to achieve the accreditations.

“An entrepreneur looks for opportunities, and when the time is right, he/she has to make the right decisions,” says Allson. He elaborates that an entrepreneur is also an individual who focuses on work and customer feedback. He says that improvement can only happen when an entrepreneur is dedicated to those two areas.

Talking about the necessary traits needed for a person to be successful in business, Allson mentions that winning strategy must be at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind. In addition, a good entrepreneur must be able to make the right decisions when a problem occurs.

Needless to say, Ashtron Global’s success is largely contributed by the dedication of everyone at the company as they have a common belief in the need for hard work and providing quality services to their customers. Without a doubt, Ashtron Global will only continue to create more success in the coming years.

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