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ISS Hydroculture

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Mr. Jimmy Ng

Nestled in the Jalan Lekar area, the vast plot of land that holds ISS Hydroculture feels like green sanctuary gives off a feeling of tranquility and restoration.

“Our job is to let people know more about hydroculture,” quipped the sprightly Mr. Jimmy Ng. ISS Hydroculture is a company that specializes in the hydroculture trade, more specifically, they have expertise in the area of providing soil-less base indoor plants, landscaping maintenance and even horticultural design works.

When asked about the story behind him entering this line of work, Jimmy said: “It was straight after my National Service, and I entered this trade. It was my first real job!” Through much time in this line of work, Jimmy started to fall in love with the flora and fauna. It was not long before Jimmy started to read up on book after book about plants. This helped him gain more knowledge about the industry and improve at his job.

However, as expected, ISS Hydroculture is also hit by the recent labor crunch in Singapore. ISS Hydroculture currently employs more than two hundred employees.

Jimmy went at length to talk about brand differentiation. He said that ISS Hydroculture pledges itself on quality rather than quantity and customer satisfaction comes first.

“This is a company where employees stay for a long time, we provide a lot of career progression and many have rose up through the ranks over the years.” That may be the secret to ISS Hydroculture’s success, as they aim to provide a platform for their staff to realize their potential and feel at ease within company.

Jimmy says that there is more room to grow within the next five years in Singapore, as there is a global movement towards a “greener” environment. ISS Hydroculture is upbeat and hopeful about the future.

“When people have a passion for flora and fauna, their entire outlook can change. You will find that when a person becomes a plant-lover, he or she will become more patient and nurturing,” says Jimmy.

Moreover, Jimmy also talked about his love for the company and the team. He said: “We focus on career development and we always believe in rewarding good performance.”

Jimmy says that he is also heartened to see that the government is moving towards a “greener” culture by promoting the Green Mark initiative. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched this initiative in January 2005.

This initiative is intended to drive Singapore’s construction industry towards providing more environmentally friendly building. It is created to help promote sustainability in the built environments and raise environmental awareness among designers, builders and property developers.

When asked about his main source of motivation, Jimmy goes back to his work. He said: “Once you love plants, and have a passion for plants, you will keep going on!”

Jimmy goes at length to elaborate on the necessary qualities embodied by a successful person. He says that a behind all success stories will always lie an individual who possesses “integrity” and “drive”.

Evidently, the future will continue to be filled with more opportunities and success, and ISS Hydroculture will only continue to excel in the future due to their dedication and knowledge in the area. Indeed, their success will only continue for many years to come.

Contact Details
20 Jalan Lekar
Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park S(698931)
T| 6235 1000
F| 6235 7080


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