Angel Face

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Angie Lim

Just working for the money, that will only bring limited satisfaction. This practical principle is what Miss Angie Lim based on her initial foray into the roaring trade in year 2000, commencing Angel Face. A one stop solution for beauty services such as facial, skin and beauty treatments.

Angel Face; named eponymous to Miss Lim’s religion, in representation of being angelic, is a result of passion and interest, as Miss Lim explains. It is passion and interest that garners and yields satisfaction that customers yearn for more. With 10 employees hitherto, multiplied from the minuscule 2 when initiated. Angel Face has metamorphosed much compared to a decade ago.

However, initiating a business is arduous. This is an cinch; advent, and it applies to Miss Lim as well. “Customers weren’t willing to put their trust in our branding. We have a lack of manpower, so we weren’t competent enough in the eyes of consumers.” Miss Lim explained. With good services Angel Face proffers, deriving straight from sincere and caring staffs, altruistic. Angel Face was able to overcome the hindrance with ease.

Under the spur of her team, having bigger dreams, and succeeding, possessing faith and perseverance, Miss Lim continuously and assiduously ameliorates herself to attain her goals.

“The satisfaction where customers leave satisfied. Knowing that they would be back once more, referring us to their friends. This is a sensation that provides the ultimate motivation for any entrepreneur.” Miss Lim added.

With skilled, experienced and adept beauticians, advanced equipments, Angel Face is without doubt a hot topic for viva voce. Despite not being in the commercial scene, Angel Face is on the path of advent success, with a large base of recurring customers.

“Entrepreneurship is all about having a vision. A right attitude would bring you into higher grounds. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, planning is exceptionally important.” Miss Lim defined her interpretation of entrepreneurship.

“Knowing your playing field is important to achieving success. Be affirmative about what you do, taking proper actions to attaining your goals, and prior knowledge in the business, you would more likely succeed.” Miss Lim added. Certainly, knowledge is always pertinent to success. Aforementioned, knowing is half the battle won.

Being at fore in the private beauty services sector of the industry, Miss Lim aspires to bring in her own line of products, commercializing her work. She also assertively, without halt, churns out a more strengthen, prolific clientele base, aiding expansions.

“Angel Face would like to take this opportunity to thanks all our valued customers, and continue to provide the best we can, in our skill and services. Thank you very much.” Miss Lim thanked, with gratitude.

Touting customer satisfaction as utmost priority, above everything, monetary reaps, fame, reputation. Miss Lim had led Angel Face on the rails to a satisfactory success. A success, palpable in relieve of satisfaction. Angel Face shall continue to strive for more in the years to come.

Contact Details:

Outlet 1:
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#01-48 S(082001)
T| 6221 3723

Outlet 2:
1 Coleman Street B1-28
The Adelphi S(179803)
T| 6334 6228



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