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Yong Fong AutogateName of Recipient:
Mr. C. S. Lim

Established in 2007 by Mr. C. S. Lim, Yong Fong Autogate Engineering specializes in the supply, installation, repairs and maintenance of various gate systems. These include autogate gate systems, intercom systems, telephone entry systems, as well as card access systems. With their expertise, their clientele ranges from residential places such as condominiums, private houses sectors, to commercial and industrial areas such as office buildings and even government establishments.

When Mr. Lim first established Yong Fong Autogate, he was no newbie in the industry. “When I started my company, I already had more than twenty years of experience working for others. But I have always wanted my own company, therefore, after years of learning & accumulating experience in the industry, I decided that it was time to do so, and Yong Fong Autogate was founded.”

Unlike many companies which faced many teething problems during initial operations, Yong Fong Autogate was blessed to be spared of such challenges. Mr. Lim said, “It was very smooth sailing. Even if there are problems along the way, they are of small magnitude. We are able to solve each of them and grow stronger each year.” He then added, “I personally think the many years of experience I gathered working for others definitely helped. By working in this line for so long, I have encountered many problems, big or small, so no problem can seem too daunting to resolve.”

Mr. Lim also believes the rich and extensive experience he has accumulated is something that has distinguished Yong Fong Autogate with his competitors. Therefore, he expects similar standards from his employees. “For our company, we only hire the experts in the trade. If I hire someone totally new to this line, I will have to spend much time training them. I prefer to hire experts, people with years of experience.”

This method has worked out well for Yong Fong Autogate so far. Previously only following other bigger companies for jobs, Yong Fong Autogate has since emerged from the shadow of others, and has managed to amass their own set of returning clients, as well as new clients who have heard of their experienced services through word-of-mouth recommendations.

With his experience in the industry as both employee and employer, Mr. Lim reflects upon his journey as an entrepreneur. “One important thing I learnt was the management of workers. In this industry, it is difficult to hire an expert. There are many skills at play here; electrical, welding, many things to learn. I was very lucky to have an ex-colleague who is able to bring his experience to my company, and help me out in the work.”

On a similar note, Mr. Lim also believes that a company’s team spirit is of much importance as well. “Sometimes, employees can disagree over issues, resulting in quarrels and lowering their morale. It is best if they can get along, as teamwork is very important. In our industry, many of us do not have much education, so open communications with our team members is very important to achieving team spirit and keeping everyone’s morale high.

Looking ahead to the future, Mr. Lim also has several plans in store for Yong Fong Autogate. He said, “We definitely are looking at expansion into overseas markets, and be a distributor there. We want to find companies in China to carry our products. But it will be a challenge. We also tried breaking into the Indonesian and Filipino markets, but not much progress was made there.”

Mr. Lim then added, “We are also looking into KL (Kuala Lumpur) factories to develop our own brand of autogates. From a business perspective, it is definitely better to push and market your own products rather than market other brands. We definitely will like to make this happen.”

With his company establishing a strong foothold in the industry through their excellent service and experience, it is not a leap to imagine more success heading their way. Under the stable leadership of Mr. Lim, Yong Fong Autogate Engineering looks poised to remain at the head of the industry for many years to come.

Contact Details
280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
#07-16 S(757322)
T| 6482 5183
F| 6556 4533
E| yongfongautogate@yahoo.com.sg

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