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Mr. Jaz Lai
Mr. Wayne Choy

With the myriad of companies all eager to get their business in the spotlight, it can be difficult for any of them to discover a method for them to truly stand out from the audience. With the Internet age, business owners might be interested to note that email advertising, an avenue to time-effective advertising, may just be the solution for them. Should they wish to consider this as an option, they should look no further than the software solution put out by JL Advertising Pte Ltd.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Jaz Lai and Mr. Wayne Choy, JL Advertising specializes in the GetConnet software, an email advertising software that saves business owners much time on their marketing campaigns, allowing them to have the time to grow their business instead. Focusing on their five core values: to get results, get connected, get growing, get feedback, and to get serious, GetConnet is committed to aid their clients improve their business sales, as well as helping them to get connected with their customers and prospects through email.

GetConnet provides a myriad of features essential to those starting out in email advertising. The subscriber management system allows users to collect, manage, and segment their subscribers in a simple step, thus making it easy for users to engage them at any moment. They are also able to track their subscriber activity and create sign-up forms, allowing for minimal fuss while managing a potentially large client base. In addition, GetConnet also features live support for their clients, with an experienced support team just a phone call or click away.

Founder Wayne told us of his origins with JL Advertising. “Previously, I had ten years of sales experience. I was in charge of sales in my previous company. Jaz was my friend from my Army days, and we kept in contact since then. One day, he contacted me and asked whether I was interested to partner on a company with him, with me managing the sales aspect of the business. I agreed.” With the birth of their partnership, JL Advertising was hence established.

Speaking of the company he and Jaz had cultivated, Wayne said: “Our main focus is to run and sell software that helps business owners increase their sales and productivity. We want to help the company stand out from the rest. As our software is pretty niche in the market, we were lucky enough not to have any difficulties.” In addition, Wayne added that the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) has benefited the company as well. “With the PIC scheme, it has helped a lot on the sales part.”

When asked on what makes his company and GetConnet unique, Wayne emphatically stated, “I can say that in Singapore, we are the only ones that is doing this type of software. It’s very niche. While other companies may include other forms of advertising services, we only specialize in email marketing, and we are dedicated to be the best in that aspect. For Jaz, he was already in email marketing for the past ten years, so he definitely has experience and knows what he is doing.”

“We feel that email marketing is more powerful and effective; nowadays many people own an email account, and thus the reach is very high. With the viability of email marketing, we encourage business owners and show them how it helps them increase the statistics in their sales turnover.”

The combined expertise of the two founders have paid dividends. With their accumulated client base over the past four years, many positive testimonials have been attributed to them, and Wayne professes that it is one of their proudest achievements. “The testimonials of clients, they do help in our sales. But there is much satisfaction in getting these positive reviews from them, knowing them we have helped them discover this business solution that is viable and effective for them.”

Having been at the helm of JL advertising for the past four years, Wayne recognizes the importance of the Internet and the technology, and he believes aspiring entrepreneurs should not overlook its power. “Nowadays, the newer generation is going online to shop, and the brick and mortar shop formula is declining. The Internet is where the future lies, and where entrepreneurs need to look towards. An entrepreneur should never lose touch with existing trends, and they should catch up with the newest generation. Their focus needs to be staying ahead, and not to fall behind their competitors.”

Looking ahead, the two founders are eager to expand their operations overseas. Wayne said: “Currently, we are looking to the markets in Malaysia and Thailand; there are many opportunities there and it is a logical next step for us. Down the line, we would also be looking at public listing our company, which will definitely enhance the status of JL Advertising.”

With their dedication and commitment to the single specialization of the company, both Wayne and Jaz have established JL Advertising as a prominent company in the competitive advertising industry. With the Internet Age set to continue on, the company is perfectly poised to reap the benefits that result, which is sure to lead the company to even greater success in the near future.

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