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Ms. Agnus Tan
Mr. Lai Kah Loon

Marriage is one of the major milestones in one’s life, and with tradition still very much present in Chinese weddings, getting married requires much knowledge and coordination. For those who are overwhelmed with the logistics or needs additional advice on Chinese wedding traditions, Amanda Dreamweaver Pte Ltd is well poised to handle any of their client’s wedding needs for both modern Western and traditional Chinese wedding traditions.

Established in 2006 by Ms. Agnus Tan, Amanda Dreamweaver offers a one-stop service for their client’s wedding needs, specializing in the choosing of auspicious dates, photography and videography services, makeup and hair styling services, bridal car decoration and hand bouquet, wedding gifts, wedding gowns, and more. Although their shop front stocks mainly all the necessities for traditional weddings, it should be noted that Amanda Dreamweaver also offers their services to couples holding a western wedding as well.

Founder Agnus has had a long history in the weddings line. “Last time, I worked in a bridal shop, making gowns. At that time, many customers will look for wedding items from us, even though we do not stock it. However, it made me realize that there’s a demand for wedding items, as the people from previous generations were already doing it, and there’s where the idea for Amanda Dreamweaver came about.”

Interestingly, Agnus’ father-in-law worked in a similar capacity as well, helping couples choose auspicious dates for weddings, as well as conducting fortune telling. In a way, with Amanda Dreamweaver, Agnus is “returning” to the family business.

With Singapore standing at a crossroads between the traditional and the modern, Agnus sees that reflected in her business as well. “I like to preserve these traditions, to share my knowledge with the customers. At that time, when we were new, younger people would come in, and they would let us know that they don’t like weddings that are too traditional. Even though we would cater to these younger people, we keep in mind the important items that are still needed, and we advise them on their purchases.”

Fortunately, Agnus believes that there will be continued demand for traditional wedding shops like hers in Singapore. “There’s still room to expand in this industry. Even though the people getting married are young and modern, they are still Chinese, and many of them are still mindful of customs, of Fengshui and good omens.”

Today, Agnus runs the business alongside her son, Mr. Lai Kah Loon, and together, Amanda Dreamweaver have built themselves a solid reputation as the go-to solution for wedding needs, and the response from her customers is one of Agnus’s proudest achievements with the company. She said, “It shows that our customers are satisfied with the service. We take pride in serving our customers, and we never push for them to purchase things they don’t need. In that way, we customized their wedding packages for them, to only include the items that they want.”

“In online forums, many people will review and recommend services to others. Although we don’t broadcast ourselves through advertisements, many of our customers came to us through online reviews, through word-of-mouth recommendations.”

“Our service is what makes us different from the rest. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the patience. The customers, they don’t just want to buy, they want to understand, and especially when it comes to customs, you need to help your customers understand how everything works.”

During her entrepreneurial journey, Agnus has learnt much about what it means to be an entrepreneur. She said, “It’s about being innovative and creative with new things, and definitely with your business. Times are always changing, and you need to innovate to keep up with the new trends. For example, with the recent going green initiative, we have items in our shop that are made in environment friendly materials for customers.”

However, Agnus also cautions against going too far with innovation. “Innovation is good, but there is also a limit as well. You cannot innovate too far beyond reason, which is especially true for the wedding industry. For example, even though there’s a trend of wearing different colors other than white for western weddings, a couple should never wear black for a traditional Chinese wedding. It’s about innovating beyond reasonable boundaries.”

Amanda Dreamweaver is currently in the midst of an exciting new development. Agnus said, “We are building a website for Amanda Dreamweaver, and we will be conducting online sales through the website as well as well. This website will contain information about the various products that we carry. In this day and age, it is important to have an online presence, but for wedding items and customs, it is definitely better if our customers can come in person and we can communicate face-to-face.”

As the years pass and trends change, there is no doubt that Chinese weddings and customs will continue to play a big part in the local Chinese culture in Singapore. With their experience, expertise, and the spirit for continued innovation, Amanda Dreamweaver looks set to remain one of the most prominent faces in the competitive wedding industry.

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