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CS Global

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Norton Chua

Established in 2010, CS Global Project Logistics is a company that specializes in freight forwarding and logistics, mainly in the oil and gas industries.

Working at a multinational company before becoming an entrepreneur, founder Norton Chua mentions that starting his own business is an opportunity for him to grow as a person. He said: “To start up a business is an opportunity to manage something on my own, starting a business, my team and I can work according to our own system.”

While he may have dreams of a bright future, Norton also had to battle with building brand awareness during the early days. He mentions that he combatted this issue by providing his clients with competitive rates and dedicated service.

He said that becoming an entrepreneur was not an easy task, as he now has to constantly ensure that he stays focused on his work and pay special attention to customer experience.

Despite the difficulties, Norton and his team continued to deliver their word to clients and paid extra attention on after-sales services.

As such, it did not take long before many started asking for CS Global’s services. Many of their customers cited that they prefer CS Global because of their efficiency and attention to customer service.

Norton believes so much in being the best at his line of work that he named his company “CS”, which is an abbreviation for “Complete Solution”.

When asked about the main source of motivation to continue in his line of work, Norton proudly said: “I get a lot of satisfaction from my work, I feel a sense of achievement whenever we are able to complete a project for our clients!”

Norton says that a successful entrepreneur is someone who possesses persistence and focus. He elaborated that an entrepreneur is more than someone who takes a chance; he/she is also someone who works on perfecting his skills and runs a business simultaneously.

Never one for hierarchy, Norton mentions that he sees himself as part of the team in his company. He sees CS Global as a team of people working together to achieve a common goal.

“My staff is my asset,” said Norton. He went on to explain that for every organization to function well and excel, there must be a reliable and competent team. He goes on to say that there can be no room for prima donnas within his company, and that teamwork is integral for his organizational structure.

He said: “I remain extremely proud that the staff is still here, and that our clients are still here.” Norton says that this industry is highly competitive, as such; the ability to hold on to both staff and clients is no simple feat.

“I’m very glad that I took this opportunity to start something of my own, if I weren’t an entrepreneur, I would probably be working for people as a financial controller.”

In fact, everyone in CS Global puts in his or her best at work. Norton says that they have personalized services for all their clients. Due to their work, they have to interact with people from many different countries, as such; time zones will inevitably be different. “We make our business as interactive as possible, many time, we have to still up till the wee hours of the night to negotiate with clients from the West!”

Evidently, it is this sort of devotion to their work that CS Global has earned the trust and respect of many of their clients. It will also be that same sort of dedication that will bring the company to forge their own footprint in the annals of their chosen industry.

Contact Details:
1003 Bukit Merah Central #04-24
T| 6224 4481
F| 6224 4489
E| vip@csglobalproject.com

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