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Mr. Loo Yuen Meng

Singapore is a food paradise; many of us are familiar with the giant grouper as it is a delicacy at many diner s across the island. A company that is deeply involved with the breeding of giant grouper is Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd.

“I was in the ship repair business before I decided to set up a business breeding prawns and groupers. I love marine life, “says founder Mr Loo Yuen Meng.

Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd Aquaculture sits on six hectares of land within reach of the Straits of Johor in Lim Chu Kang.Yuen Meng and his technical team work together to manage this large plot of land. They supply mainly restaurant owners with live giant groupers.

“Before I started in this trade, I had no experience, I had to start from scratch and I had many hard times,” says Yuen Meng. However, Yuen Meng is not one who chooses to view things in a negative light, instead, he says that he enjoyed the hardship of the initial stages as it toughened him up, and also taught him a lot more about fishes and the business.

A recent development for Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd is their shrimp hatchery production. Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd is well connected to major industry producers in China and throughout Southeast Asia.“We are now breeding Vannamei prawns.We bring in specific pathogen free juvenile shrimp, and we feed them with biosecure diets and probiotics, so the prawns are a healthier choice for the consumers,” says Yuen Meng.

“We occupy a niche market. Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd is the only breeder of giant grouper in Singapore,” says Yuen Meng.

Yuen Meng adds:“We supply a lot of our fishes and prawns to restaurants. Also, it is interesting to note that there are a lot of private buyers who drive their cars up to buy fishes. They say our fishes and prawns are much fresher!” Selling live and healthier seafood is a big plus point in food-crazy Singapore.

Elaborating on the shrimp hatchery production, Yuen Meng says that there is currently a big market for these unique prawns.Due to the demand for healthy broodstock for large-scale hatcheries, he is now considering greater focus on this high-tech sector.

The team at Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd is also working with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to create sustainable energy.The company is planning to adopt a student’s final year proposal to set up solar panels on the farm.The plans to create stand- alone solar power refrigeration will help reduce power wastage and is more environmentally friendly.

“An entrepreneur is someone who does not fixate on money. I think that an entrepreneur is someone who embraces challenges and hurdles in life,”remarks Yuen Meng when asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship.

When asked about his main source of motivation, Yuen Meng says: “There are many, first, I would say that I get a lot of motivation from my team. And secondly, I want to leave this business for future generations.”

Evidently passionate about his work, Yuen Meng says that he does not take any “off days”. He mentions: “My team and I have no days off. This is because we need to feed our prawns and groupers, they need to eat everyday. Even during the Chinese New Year period!”

It is most certainly exhausting work to be out in the hot sun every day of the year, but Yuen Meng does it with a smile on his face because he feels that he is living his life’s passion at Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd Aquaculture.

Elaborating more on the spirit of entrepreneurship, Yuen Meng says: “First, be pragmatic, you need capital. You need to find people who believe in you. Next will be up to you, the entrepreneur must never be lazy, he/ she must always work hard and work with sincerity!”

Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd Aquaculture is the only one in Singapore specializing in the breeding of giant groupers and Vannamei prawns. From the looks of it, with so many regular restaurant clients and walk-in customers, Integrated Aqua Singapore Pte Ltd is well regarded by many. It is a place where restaurants can get quality seafood, and functions truly as an enclave for seafood lovers looking to recapture the rustic feeling, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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