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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Joe Jiao

Here in Singapore, everyone loves goodie bags. Goodie bags are given at company events, roadshows, launches and many more. One particular company that deals specially in the making of these bags is CorporateGift Master.

CorporateGift Master is a specialist in providing corporate gifts to their clients. Their services include the making of carriers and bags, promotional gift items, digital products, stationary, and paper printing.

“We always work harder – there is always a way to get customer’s satisfaction,” says founder Joe Jiao. He adds that the company provides a one-stop station for their clients because it seeks to provide convenience for all their customers.

Joe says that he saw an opportunity in this industry, as demand was on the rise. Realizing that this opportunity was too good to pass up, he started CorporateGift Master in 2011.

Being a new company in the market, CorporateGift Master faced its first challenge – brand awareness. “At the start, to build our brand, we would actually make cold-calls, and go door to door, to build up (our) brand,” says Joe.

On top of that, Joe also came up with the company’s name. He says: “The name CorporateGift Master is easy to remember. I think it’s great for our brand and marketing purposes.”

That was a tough period of his entrepreneurial career, as everyone in the company had to work non-stop in order to get the company’s name out. Despite the obvious difficulties, Joe persisted and refused to give in to the adversity. It is this “never say die” attitude that gave the company an edge, as they impressed their initial customers with their work ethics and hard work.

Not long after getting their first few customers, word started spreading, and people flocked to Joe after hearing positive reviews.

Currently, CorporateGift Master is able to count big names such as SingTel and Brands as their long-term customers. Joe says: “We have been supplying things such as woven and canvas bags (to SingTel and Brands), and they have been coming back to us. I think they like what we produced.”

“I like meeting up with customers. I think my team also enjoys doing the same. We love to be involved in a project, we love liaising with logistics, supplier, clients, and sale,” says Joe.

Evidently, CorporateGift Master is a company that truly excites their customers as they have a very hands-on approach to every matter. By being involved in every facet of a project, customers are able to get to know the company on a more personal level, and hence, create relationships.

Aware of this aspect, Joe points out that the company is people-oriented, and chooses to see customers as friends who have special requests. This approach has obviously won over many customers, as Joe says that repeat customers contribute to a large proportion of their business.

Joe says that an individual must learn to move out of his/her own comfort zone and embrace difficulties and challenges. He says: “When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, if you don’t try, you will never know.” He also adds that perennial qualities such as determination, perseverance and passion are all vital for a start up’s success.

From making cold-calls to becoming an award-winning company, it is not an understatement to say that CorporateGift Master’s success is a combination of hard work and devotion to customers. It is beyond doubt that this young company’s soft power skill is making them punch way above their waist. The future is promising, and from the looks of it, CorporateGift Master will continue with excellence and be successful in their chosen arena.

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AMK Tech 1 #02-02
AMK Industrial Park 2A S(568049)
T| 6556 2573
F| 6556 2575


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