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Mr. H.S. Lim

More and more emphasis is given to issues of sustainability and “green” energy. The recent Climate Change Summit in New York further highlighted the need to combat global warming, as the United Nations (UN) pledged to reduce deforestation in half by 2020, and end it completely by the following decade.

Emarco Enterprise is one particular company in Singapore that has been championing the cause for quite some time now. The company’s founder, HS Lim is a big advocate on everything environmental friendly. “I am passionate about the environment, it is Emarco’s belief in preserving the land. It is this land that provides us with life!” says HS Lim.

Established in 1999, Emarco is a prominent distributor of eco-friendly products. The products they distribute include, the Powerback alkaline battery charger, replacement toner cartridges, My GreenFuel Reformulator, Eco-rider Robstep M-1 Personal Mobility Transporter, and many more.

HS Lim sheds light on his entrepreneurial journey; he says that his family is involved in the business of logistics. As such, it was not difficult for him to start his own business in distribution.

“I don’t see myself being solely a businessman, I see myself as trying to educate (others), and preserving our land,” says HS Lim.

HS Lim goes on to elaborate on this point, he says: “Nowadays, the food that we consume on a daily basis are filled with harmful things like pesticides and all sorts of chemicals.” He mentions that urbanites are prone to a myriad of illnesses and diseases from the food we consume. In order to combat this problem, Emarco distributes BioNumac Natural Plant Nutrient. HS Lim says: “When we first brought the plant nutrients in, we had to call up farmers to tell them about the benefits of the product.” Needless to say, farmers who took up the idea of using the BioNumac Natural Plant Nutrient grow produce that is more environmental friendly, and beneficial to the consumers.

“I’m now fifty years old, I grew up in the kampong, and now I feel the need to give back to nature,” says HS Lim.

Evidently passionate about the environment, Emarco also brought the Eco-Rider Robstep M-1 Personal Mobility Transporter into our shores. This product provides users with an eco-friendly solution for short distance transportation. Users can expect to travel 20-30km with one single battery charge, and according to HS Lim, this is comparable to the industry standard and much lower than other electrical vehicles.

So popular is the Eco-rider that the security departments and management of Vidocity, Jurong Point, and NEX are making use of the vehicle to fulfill about their daily operations.

“The Eco-rider is both convenient and eco-friendly, it is small and compact, and gets you to where you wish to go,” says HS Lim.

Another subject that Emarco is passionate about is the recycling of batteries. It is a general consensus among people to discard their batteries after using them. However, Emarco has other ideas and HS Lim explains: “We have this product, called PowerBack alkaline battery charger, where users will be able to reuse their batteries, and get another 15 to 30 times more use out of the batteries.”

Emarco is devotion to spreading the cause of preserving the environment and is working on the prospect of setting up a kiosk in the Singapore Science Centre. HS Lim says that the purpose of setting up the kiosk is so that they can create awareness about sustainable energy and environmental issues.

HS Lim is one of the few “lifestyle entrepreneurs”, as he makes a living doing things he is passionate about. This is most certainly a rising trend in the entrepreneurial world, and it is most certainly heartening to see people like HS Lim translating their dreams and passion into their life’s work.

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