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Mr. Lee Chin Ann

Established as early as 1986, Singapore Paints & Contractor Pte Ltd is a respected and experienced company in the construction and painting industry.

Singapore Paints specializes in a wide variety of painting services, which includes architectural painting, protective coating, interior painting works, as well as the epoxy floor protective system. Besides painting services, Singapore Paints is also well skilled in other construction services, such as the installation of waterproofing systems, minor A & A works such as concreting, plumbing, and plastering works.

The founder of Singapore Paints has spent his entire working career in the painting and construction industry. Leaving school after third year in Primary School, Mr. Lee Chin Ann found himself exposed to the ways and methods of this industry. “I left school at a very young age, and I learnt about painting when I was very young. I had to start from the bottom, from a disciple, and work my way up from there.”

When asked about what made him start Singapore Paints in the first place, Mr. Lee laughed and said, “I didn’t really have a plan to be a boss, it just happened. I knew many people in the industry, and I had spent so many years here already. Being a boss, you definitely have more authority, more control about the direction you want to take your company to. It seemed like the logical next step for me.”

However, Mr. Lee soon found out first-hand the challenges that come with establishing your own company. He said, “At that time, we were only a third-hand contractor. We were small and new, and we did not have much credibility in the industry. I remembered I had to go out to look for jobs all the time.” Mr. Lee than further added, “In this line of work, it is unpredictable, you never know what challenges you are going to face, be it the workers or your clients.”

To overcome these challenges, Mr. Lee knew he just had to bite the bullet and carry on doing what he does best. “When we first started, there was not really a long-term plan in place for the company. We just continued to work hard and deliver results to our clients.”

As time went by, with Mr. Lee and his team working diligently for results, Singapore Paints soon found their footing in the construction industry. Till this day, the rise to prominence remained one of Mr. Lee’s proudest achievements in their history. “Previously, our company was small, and no one took notice of us. But now, we have expanded, with many times more people compared to when we first started. Also, from being a third-hand contractor, we now take jobs directly from clients. I’m very proud to say that we can now be considered famous in this industry.”

Surveying the success Singapore Paints has achieved today, Mr. Lee believes that his vast experience is what brought the company this far. “This is the differentiating factor between us and other companies. For me, I have had experience in the industry since I was young, and that is something you cannot buy; you have to work hard to accumulate it.”

Looking back at his long entrepreneurial journey with Singapore Paints, Mr. Lee is thankful for the people that have supported him throughout the years. He said, “I have many friends in this industry, and they are the people who have inspired me, and motivated me to do what I do today. For the entrepreneurs out there, the people around you are important, and you should never discount any advice or support they give you.”

Besides possessing the right team to propel the company forward, Mr. Lee also believes that utilizing them is also of much importance. “An entrepreneur needs to know how to utilize their people’s talents. The workers are our assets, and to nurture their potential, you need to give these talented people more opportunities to showcase what they can do.”

With their longevity in the construction industry, Mr. Lee looks to continue his working philosophy in the coming years. “For the future, we have to look and act accordingly to the situation. If we take up more jobs, we will definitely hire more people to cope with the demands. Singapore is still growing, and still has many opportunities for us to develop further. We would like to focus our business locally, and so we are not really into overseas jobs at the moment.”

With his calm personality, his experience, and his persevering attitude towards any challenges that comes his way, it is not hard to see how Mr. Lee has led the company to the success they enjoy today. Under Mr. Lee’s leadership, there is no doubt that Singapore Paints will definitely go on to accumulate even more success in the years ahead.

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10 Admiralty Street #06-34
North Link Building S(757695)
T| 6555 5890
F| 6483 4208


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