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Mr. Paul Lim

With every business, marketing and advertising is of the utmost importance. Not only do they pave the way for outsiders to know of a business, but it is also a premium platform for businesses to demonstrate their capabilities and professionalism. For companies looking for a way to put their best front forward, Craftech Printing Services is present for all their printing and marketing needs.

Established in 1993, Craftech Printing Services provides a wide range of printing and marketing services for their clients. These includes offset and digital printing, as well as printing services for adhesive memo pads, plastic cards, label and security tags.

Besides simply providing printing services as their name suggests, Craftech has also expanded their services to graphic design, branding, and copywriting, providing a one-stop solution for their clients who wish for a streamlined process.

For founder Mr. Paul Lim, the opportunity to establish Craftech came from one of his networking sessions. He said, “At that time, there are a few companies were doing security tags production. So, one of my networking associates approached me, and persuaded me to come up with some samples as to how they can look like.” Satisfied with the results, Paul was tasked to design and produce the tags. Therefore, to facilitate the production, Paul established Craftech Printing Services.

However, as with everything new, there were obstacles that threatened to destabilize the new operations. Paul elaborated, “When you are new, the suppliers and customers are not certain of your abilities, whether you are capable of keeping this business going. Both parties are new to each other, so what we had to do was to build confidence and trust amongst us.”

To establish a rapport amongst his suppliers, Paul decided to dip into his own reserves in order to pay them in advance. “It’s all part of business. In business, reputation and creditability are important to keep the operations going. This is all thanks to many valuable suppliers and customers who have supported Craftech for many years.”

In addition, with the Internet boom, Paul recognizes that Craftech has a new challenge on their hands. “Younger people are going online to purchase similar services. It is essential for us to react swiftly to changing market conditions and trends, and we need to be more adaptable, resilient, agile and customer focused to combat the challenges.”

Despite recent market challenges, Craftech is still one of the more prominent brands in their industry. This is helped by the fact that one of their specialties lies in their production of adhesive MemoStix products, mainly used as powerful marketing tools for company’s branding and product launches in many different industries.

Craftech has garnered numerous positive coverage in various media. This is further accentuated when Straits Times approached Paul to provide professional insight into his business, including manpower and rental issues, as well as how the company is managed. His experience and expertise in the industry is well and truly recognized by his peers.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial experience with Craftech so far, Paul attributes much of Craftech’s success to his constant growing of his business. “It is important to let people know about your business. For example, every time, once we finish a project, we will ask our clients for referrals. Through word of mouth, we can reach potential clients we otherwise might not have.”

As the market has become more competitive and complex, Paul thinks a positive attitude is essential as well. “Your energy will affect other people, so it is important to be positive and be open about feedback from other people. Allow the sharing of ideas and input, take on another perspective, and look at things from a different angle. Be open to new ideas and innovate constantly; this will ensure that you are always ahead of the race.”

Keeping in line with Paul’s philosophy of constantly growing his business, Craftech looks to introduce a new major product in the near future. “Our new product is called 3D Memo Cube, an adhesive notepad which holds 800 sheets. This creative and innovative 3D Memo Cube will be proven as an effective marketing tool to be used in many various occasions.” He also added, “We are also looking to expand into overseas markets to get more distributors, specifically Asia Pacific and European countries to enhance our distribution channels.”

With years of experience and reputation in their industry, Craftech looks poised for a new era ahead with their planned expansions. Under Paul’s leadership, there is no doubt that Craftech is well on its way to even greater success in the future.

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