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Mr. Kenny Heng

Many of us in Singapore enjoy going to concerts, plays and outdoor spectacles. These events are pleasurable activities that will bring joy and happiness to us and others watching. Thus, it is of utmost importance that the event organizers employ a technical support team that is capable and efficient.

Established in 1993, CSP Productions have been the technical support crew behind many prominent acts. However, many may not be aware of the story behind the company’s origins.

Kenny Heng, the company’s founder shed light on this issue. “My father started out supplying chairs, tables and balloons back in the kampong days,” said Kenny. Back in the 1980s, when Kenny was still in school, he would help out with his father’s business, learning the ropes in the process.

Eventually, Kenny saw an increase in demand for Western concerts in the early 90s, and he decided to establish CSP Productions to meet that demand. Today, CSP Productions provide a one-stop solution in events technical support services. They provide logistics, truss, rigging, hoist, sound system and many more.

Kenny is extremely proud of the fact that he provided the technical support for stars such as magician David Copperfield, and the late-Michael Jackson. Kenny said that these acts were of a large scale, and that any mistake would be costly. As such, everyone on the team worked day and night in order to ensure that the show would go on uninterrupted.

Through much perseverance, they managed to make the acts successful. In fact, Michael Jackson’s technical crew was so impressed with CSP Production’s services that they chose them to support Michael Jackson’s concert in Malaysia.

Upbeat and jovial about life, Kenny joked and said: “In the past, we didn’t have money to attend concerts, now, we can go to concerts and get paid (doing so)!”

Currently, the company handles more diverse projects. These include the set up of theatre productions, dinner and dance events, Formula One tier seating, and much more. Evidently, this is a company that is trusted by industry experts to deliver the job to their clients.

However, CSP Productions’ initial stages of start up was not always all that smooth sailing. Kenny mentioned that there was a shortage of trained workforce in the industry. As such, he had to work day and night in order to complete a project.

Kenny managed to solve this problem by empowering his team with new skills and knowledge. Their production team is constantly sent to meet with suppliers to learn about new updates in products and the technical know-how on how to operate said products.

Differentiating themselves from other companies within the industry, Kenny said that CSP Productions plans for “the long term”. The company is a firm believer in providing high quality services and products to all of their clients, and their constant quest to improve on their knowledge and expertise proves just that.

When asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship, Kenny said: “It is to be able to view things that other people don’t see, and about having courage to do things others don’t do.”

Kenny says that he feels motivated and inspired when he sees the audiences at shows enjoying the performance. That means that the backstage crew has done a good job and that the audience can gain full enjoyment from the performance before them. In addition, he also mentioned that he feels a sense of fulfillment whenever he receives positive reviews from customers.

Looking ahead to the future, Kenny stated that he hopes to work with more theatre companies. He said that Singapore is currently experiencing a boom in the performance arts niche and he sees that his services will still be in high demand.

It is needless to say that Kenny has come a long way, from providing tables and chairs at kampong weddings to being tasked with Michael Jackson’s technical support. Underlying their success is an attention to detail and an enduring work ethic. Certainly it will also be those two traits that will continue to drive CSP Productions to more success on the horizon.

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