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Mr. Eric Sun

“Organic is more of a lifestyle than it is the products you choose to use,” said Eric. Ecorganics started out wanting to be a different type of company, as founder Eric explained that the purpose for Ecorganics’ creation is to help people live a healthier and happier life.

Established in 2011, Ecorganics opened its door to provide organic hair services at an affordable price range. This stems from the fact that Eric used to experience many side effects whilst working at other hair salons in his career. “I noticed that prolonged exposure to the chemicals in hair products cause my hands to be dried and sensitive” added Eric.

It was by chance that Eric had the opportunity to work for an organic hair salon and started realising the benefits of using organic products. His dried hands started to show signs of improvements. Thus, it was not long before Eric developed a passion for this area and started reading and learning about the organic lifestyle.

Subsequently, he started Ecorganics with his wife, Crystalz, who, not coincidentally, is also an organic advocate. Together, the duo hope to provide people with not only a solution to their hair care problems, but also build an awareness of holistic living through an organic lifestyle.

However, Ecorganics’ initial stages were not smooth sailing. The couple mentioned that many people were skeptical about the benefits of organic hair products. In addition, many people may choose not to visit the salon because of the perceived notion that organic services are all pricey and unaffordable.

Eric said: “We would actually talk to customers and explain to them that our products are all at least 75% organic and that we are providing these services at an affordable range as we believe that organic is the way to go.”

Through much hard work and patience, word started to spread and people started to solicit Ecorganics for their hair care solution needs. In fact, business has been so smooth that the owners are planning to expand their business to open up branches in other parts of Singapore.

Advocates of mindful living, the owners feel that their business is a medium to help people lead a more holistically satisfying life. Eric mentioned that he does not see other similar organic salons as competitors, quite the opposite, he sees them as counterparts who will help champion the benefits of the organic lifestyle.

“Entrepreneurship is not only making (our) dreams come true, it is also a chance for us to empower those around us”, said Eric. He went on to elaborate that being an entrepreneur is a pledge to never stop learning.

He went on to say that his biggest source of motivation is his customer base. This is because Ecorganics have a loyal customer base that will constantly provide the salon with positive reviews. Moreover, customers are also passionate and well read on organic products, and they will also alert the owners about new offerings in the organic industry. As such, one can expect a friendly atmosphere at Ecorganics as customers and owners alike, are passionate about the organic lifestyle.

When asked about the necessary qualities require to be a successful entrepreneur in Singapore, Eric replied and said, “Sincerity, patience, skill, and knowledge.” When he puts it this way, it is little wonder that Ecorganics is the success that it is today.

Evidently, Ecorganics is more than a thriving business; the salon stands as firm lifestyle advocates with a clear goal to help people attain a healthier life through the use of organic products. They are propelled by a desire to help and give back to the society, and these are the very factors that will be the propelling force for them to reach greater things in the near future.

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