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LucidaNames of Recipients:
Mr. Ng Sin Teck
Mr. Willy Tay

With the rising affluence of citizens worldwide, many are turning their attentions away from basic needs, and are gearing toward fulfilling their inner artistic spirit instead. With art being highly subjective, art procurement often requires a specialist in the field to find artworks tailored to the art buyer’s specifications. For those looking to start, the specialists at Lucida October Contemporary Art are ready to help.

Established in 1998 by Mr. Willy Tay, Lucida October Contemporary Art is a one-stop solutions provider for art related needs.

With their Art Consultancy services, Lucida provides their clients with art-related advice on their budget and schedule, and also works with their clients, designers, and/or hotel operators to develop their art concepts, ensuring that the overall final results are cohesive with their artistic intent and branding.

Should their clients require an artwork for a specific location/space, Lucida is also able to suggest suitable artwork for these spaces, as well as taking care of the procurement or commissioning of these artworks. To ensure that the artwork fulfills their standards of uncompromised quality, Lucida also monitors the production of the artworks, as well as providing logistics support and supervision over their installations to ensure optimal placements.

Besides their consultancy services, Lucida also provides made-to-order and exclusive artworks for their clients, produced in many arrays of artistic styles, mediums and materials. No matter the dimension, the framing style, or the finishing, Lucida is able to create artworks tailored to their client’s specifications.

A painting graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Willy realized upon graduation that his career paths are limited. He said, “For an arts student like me in Singapore, there are not much career options available. You can maybe choose to be a teacher, or you may go into art administration, while some do find success in being a full time artist.”

With the desire to still practice his craft, while at the same time still generating enough income for himself, Willy decided to establish Lucida October Contemporary Art. “At that moment in time, it was the best option.”

With every new business, the beginning is the hardest. It is even more so for Lucida, given the niche nature of its industry. Willy commented, “What we are doing does not have a mass market appeal. It is not something you can just find in the Yellow Pages.” He then added, “To make Lucida a success, I have to essentially carve out a new industry for Lucida, as I don’t think any other company in Singapore is doing what we are currently doing. What we can do to ensure that is to create awareness, establish our credibility, so that our clients are able to trust us.”

Along the way, Willy decided to rope in his friend from National Service to join his venture. Mr. Ng Sin Teck, now working hand in hand with Willy to run Lucida, reflects on how Lucida. “I kept in touch with Willy after our NS days, and he knew that I was unhappy at work. Willy needed someone to assist with the operating side of the business, and he enlisted me to help him.”

With the two men leading the charge at Lucida, business started to pick up rapidly at Lucida. The concurrent rise of interest in art helped as well. Willy said, “Throughout the years, more and more clients, as they realize the importance of an art department, are establishing a focus on having that aspect, mainly to elevate their project status. Therefore, they come to us to assist them on that front.”

Today, Lucida has amassed an impressive portfolio, with many of their procured or produced artworks in hospitality, corporate, and residential establishments. Their clients include Singaporean household names like the Changi Airport Group, Four Seasons Hotels, MTV Asia, Raffles Town Club and more.

Looking back at their time with Lucida, both men shares with us some of the entrepreneurial lessons they have learnt. Willy said, “From my group of friends, many of them gave up their art after awhile. For me, I don’t want to work for somebody else. Therefore, it is important to persevere on, and having a strong interest definitely keeps you going. An entrepreneur needs to have the courage to venture into the unknown. They have to try, before they know whether things will work out or not. It is how I have always approached things.”

For Sin Teck, he believes that the “traditional” route may not be the best for all. “I grew up in difficult conditions, and I was always told to study hard. Joining Lucida was a turning point for me; my previous training totally went out of the window! I guess what is important is that people shouldn’t get too entrapped to going with what the general consensus of success is. Step out of your comfort zone, and go for what you want.”

With their niche offering, both Willy and Sin Teck do not foresee much change down the line, as they will keep offering their clients with the same professional services as before. Sin Teck said, “90% of our business is already overseas, and we recently established a China office in 2013 as well. With the hotel industry mature, the market is quite saturated so there won’t be drastic changes in the foreseeable future.”

With their works being displayed at many locations around the world, the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award is merely the latest accolade for Lucida. Under the leadership of Willy and Sin Teck, we have no doubt that Lucida October Contemporary Art will continue to be the forefront leaders in this unique field.

Contact Details:
50 Ubi Avenue 3 #04-21
The Frontier S(408866)
T| 6447 8831
F| 6742 3693

Guangzhou Office (Branch)
No. 604 North Renmin Road
Level 5 #2-B18 Yuexiu District
Guangzhou, China 510180
T| +86 159 2860 6927

Chengdu Office (Branch)
No. 99 Qingyang Avenue Qingyang Distict
Block 31 Room 1005
Chengdu Suchuan China 610074
T| +86 (0)28 6167 1521



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